Even When You Expect The Unexpected You Don’t Expect This!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


The answers no one could script, or expect.

More stupidity gone wild when the intellectually challenged make it on to the game shows.




Q: Name something you eat too much of

A: ……….food    




Q: Name a country you’d like to visit if you spent a summer in Europe

A: Paris

Paris en Avril



Q: Name a word that rhymes with coke

A: ……….float

A: Moke

moke mouse mat



Q: Name something an Indian chief might use

A: Squaw




Q: An animal with really good sight

A: Bat




Q: Name a sport in which two people compete against each other

A: Checkers




Q: Name something that’s hard to hold on to when it’s slippery

A: A (censored)




Q: Name a holiday where men buy last minute gifts for their wife

A: Thanksgiving




Q: How long the average honeymoon lasts

A: 2 months

honeymoon cartoon



Q: Name something people are careful to step over when they’re walking

A: Spit

bystander effect



Q: Name something that comes in a traveling size

A: Refrigerator




Q: Name something of yours you hope doesn’t start making noises

A: Your dog

A: Your children




Q: An animal that begins with “M”

A: Marsupial




Q: What moos?

A: A car

car moo



Q: Who starred in The Godfather and is also Robert?

A: Marlon Brando

cartoon godfather




Family Fortunes Faux pas, Part Deux!

‘Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”



Family Fortunes is a bit of a goldmine for a blog like this. Nowhere does stupidity become more apparent than when a bit of pressure is added to the mix, in these cases the time constraint of trying to answer a question as quickly as possible.

Hope this selection makes you smile this weekend.



Name a measurement of liquid:




Name a famous Dick:




Name something that comes in 7’s:




Name a vocalist known by only one name:

“Michael Jackson..”



Name something you hide in your socks when you go swimming:

“Your legs..”



Name a place you would keep a pen:

“A zoo..”



Name something associated with rain:




Name something you make into a ball:




Name a game that uses a black ball:




Name a popular TV soap:




Other than ‘carrier’, name a type of bag:




Name something you might find in a garage:

“a grand piano..”



Name something a Frenchman would say

“On Garde..”



Name something that has a shell:




Name something a policeman might say:

“Spread ’em..”



Name a non-living object with legs:

“A plant..”



Name a sign of the Zodiac:




Name an animal associated with a nursery rhyme:

“Andy Pandy..”



Name a mode of transport that you can walk in:

“Your shoes..”



Name an animal with big ears:

“A bear..”



Name something you do on water:




Name a musical instrument you can play in the bath:

“A drum kit..”



Name something associated with Egypt:




Name a part of your body you only have one of:

“Your big toe..”



Name something you pull:

“A potato..”



Name something you open other than a door:

“Your bowels..”



Name something people might be allergic to:




Name an occupation where you need a torch:

“A burglar..”



Name a dangerous race:

“The Arabs..”



Name some famous brothers:

“Bonnie and Clyde..”




Great Game Show One-Liners

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Hi loyal blog readers, I’m back. I haven’t been able to do a post for a few days, work pressures by day and absolutely sweltering heat at night. But here I am again.

One of the things I did get a chance to do was find some of the game show stuff I had filed away. If you need a funny one-liner then there is probably no better source than programs like Family Fortunes. It’s quite amazing the things that people will say when in a pressure situation.

Here’s a few examples that made me chuckle. Hope they do the same for you.


Q. Name an orange vegetable:

A. “Aubergine…”



Q. Name an animal you cannot fit into a Mini car:

A. “Mouse..”



Q. Name something made of wool:

A. “Cotton wool..”



Q. Name an animal with three letters:

A. “Lion..”



Q. Name a bad place to fall asleep:

A. “Concrete..”



Q. Name something you mount:

A. “A mountain..”



Q. Name something you lose when you get older:

A. “Your purse..”



Q. Name a sport which involves throwing something:

A. “Tennis..”



Q. Name a type of bean:

A. “Lesbian..”



Q. Name something you would play with in the bath:

A. “A bazooka..”



Q. Name someone you wouldn’t swear in front of:

A. “Yourself..”



Q. Name a country where Arabic is spoken:

A. “Nigeria..”



Q. Name someone or something whose existence has never been proven:

A. “Hitler..”



Q. Name a number you might have to memorise:

A. “Seven..”



Q. Name something that makes you close your eyes:

A. “Dark..”



Q. Name something that comes in pairs:

A. “Rabbits..”



Q. Name a way of toasting someone:

A. “Over a fire..”



Q. Name a Boy’s name beginning with the letter J:

A. “Gerald..”



Q. Name a type of oil:

A. “Sewing-machine oil..”



Q. Name a word beginning with Z:

A. “Xylophone..”



Q. Name a slang word for a girl:

A. “Slag..”



Q. Name an animal with horns:

A. “A bee…”



Q. Name a medieval weapon:

A. “Hand-grenade..”



Q. Name something made of wool:

A. “A sheep..”



Q. Name something a bridegroom might wear:

A. “A dress..”



Q. Name something a train-spotter would have in his pocket:

A. “A magnifying glass..”



Q. Name someone who works early hours:

A. “A burglar..”



Q. Name something made to be wheeled around:

A. “A hammer..”



Q. Name a reason for kneeling:

A. “To be beheaded..”



Q. Name a nickname for a slim person:

A. “Slimmy..”



The Funniest Game Show Incident I Have Seen

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”

Just a short blog post today, but a real little gem.

This is actually a follow-on from Sunday’s post, “I like Watching Game Shows” which featured some US (or US versions) of popular shows such as Wheel of Furtune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Family Feud. I hope you enjoyed those.

But the funniest game show incident I have seen comes from a British show called “Catch Phrase” hosted by a comedian called Roy Walker.

Catch Phrase with Roy Walker
Catch Phrase with Roy Walker


If you’ve never seen the show, the idea is to guess the answer (usually a well known phrase or saying) from the picture/animation on the screen which is slowly revealed in nine different random parts.

I don’t know what is funnier here, the actual animation, or the presenter and male contestant laughing, or the fact that the poor dumb girl contestant hasn’t the slightest clue what all the laughing is about.

Anyhow here it is.

Enjoy – you’ve got to!



I Like Watching Game Shows

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Don’t start me on soaps which I don’t watch. Except a few years ago for SOAP which was a soap about how bad soaps could be and was quite good indeed. Confused, as they said? Quite possibly but you’re inside my mind now and this is how it operates.

The television soap SOAP
The television soap SOAP

But Game Shows like Family Feud, Family Fortunes, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, etc., I do like. Sometimes I try to answer the questions just to limber up a brain cell or two, but really I watch them in the hope that a complete twit will take the stage – usually the first one out of town, as it happens, after they’ve been asked a few questions!

Here are a few examples of what I mean.



Worst wheel of fortune fail ever?

Probably not but what an idiot!





Dumbest Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant ever?

Probably not but very close.







There are surprises too, when the people questioned in the sample give just as dumb an answer as the contestant.




And my favorite, something that gets passed around