Great Game Show One-Liners

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Hi loyal blog readers, I’m back. I haven’t been able to do a post for a few days, work pressures by day and absolutely sweltering heat at night. But here I am again.

One of the things I did get a chance to do was find some of the game show stuff I had filed away. If you need a funny one-liner then there is probably no better source than programs like Family Fortunes. It’s quite amazing the things that people will say when in a pressure situation.

Here’s a few examples that made me chuckle. Hope they do the same for you.


Q. Name an orange vegetable:

A. “Aubergine…”



Q. Name an animal you cannot fit into a Mini car:

A. “Mouse..”



Q. Name something made of wool:

A. “Cotton wool..”



Q. Name an animal with three letters:

A. “Lion..”



Q. Name a bad place to fall asleep:

A. “Concrete..”



Q. Name something you mount:

A. “A mountain..”



Q. Name something you lose when you get older:

A. “Your purse..”



Q. Name a sport which involves throwing something:

A. “Tennis..”



Q. Name a type of bean:

A. “Lesbian..”



Q. Name something you would play with in the bath:

A. “A bazooka..”



Q. Name someone you wouldn’t swear in front of:

A. “Yourself..”



Q. Name a country where Arabic is spoken:

A. “Nigeria..”



Q. Name someone or something whose existence has never been proven:

A. “Hitler..”



Q. Name a number you might have to memorise:

A. “Seven..”



Q. Name something that makes you close your eyes:

A. “Dark..”



Q. Name something that comes in pairs:

A. “Rabbits..”



Q. Name a way of toasting someone:

A. “Over a fire..”



Q. Name a Boy’s name beginning with the letter J:

A. “Gerald..”



Q. Name a type of oil:

A. “Sewing-machine oil..”



Q. Name a word beginning with Z:

A. “Xylophone..”



Q. Name a slang word for a girl:

A. “Slag..”



Q. Name an animal with horns:

A. “A bee…”



Q. Name a medieval weapon:

A. “Hand-grenade..”



Q. Name something made of wool:

A. “A sheep..”



Q. Name something a bridegroom might wear:

A. “A dress..”



Q. Name something a train-spotter would have in his pocket:

A. “A magnifying glass..”



Q. Name someone who works early hours:

A. “A burglar..”



Q. Name something made to be wheeled around:

A. “A hammer..”



Q. Name a reason for kneeling:

A. “To be beheaded..”



Q. Name a nickname for a slim person:

A. “Slimmy..”



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