The MIL-POST Blog Award


Welcome to the MIL-POST BLOG AWARD page.

If you are eligible to receive this prestigious award very well done indeed.

It is a significant achievement to create and publish 1,000 posts on your blog and is undoubtedly the result of much dedication and hard work.

As is customary with blogging awards the recipient is obliged to comply with a set of tasks.

Proud recipients of the MIL-POST BLOG AWARD should do the following when placing this award on their blog

  • State 1,000 random facts about themselves;
  • Or, give 1,000 good reasons why they cannot think of that many random facts;
  • Nominate 1,000 other bloggers eligible to receive this most prestigious of awards;
  • Name 1,000 things beginning with the letter ‘Z’, (if you are passing on these details to another lucky recipient you may nominate another letter of your choice);
  • Suggest a planet (preferably one capable of sustaining human life) that could be traveled  to in 1,000 light years or less;
  • Or, instead of all the above, send me a link to your blog and your email address, along with $1,000 (PayPal, WU, Monopoly money or a reasonable facsimile of any of the foregoing are all acceptable) and I will forward your certificate without having to comply with the above regulations.


Finally, if you know of an eligible recipient of this award please send me the details by email or by using the comments section below.



MIL-POST Blog Award

Roll of Honor


A Frank Angle  for

NONNIE9999  for

Mark  aka  “The Idiot”  for

9 thoughts on “The MIL-POST Blog Award

      • Hi, You should be able to right click on it on my MIL-POST page and then save the image to your hard drive.
        Then when you open the page you want to put it on your blog use the insert image function just as you would do when inserting any image into a blog page.

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