Family Fortunes Faux pas, Part Deux!

‘Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”



Family Fortunes is a bit of a goldmine for a blog like this. Nowhere does stupidity become more apparent than when a bit of pressure is added to the mix, in these cases the time constraint of trying to answer a question as quickly as possible.

Hope this selection makes you smile this weekend.



Name a measurement of liquid:




Name a famous Dick:




Name something that comes in 7’s:




Name a vocalist known by only one name:

“Michael Jackson..”



Name something you hide in your socks when you go swimming:

“Your legs..”



Name a place you would keep a pen:

“A zoo..”



Name something associated with rain:




Name something you make into a ball:




Name a game that uses a black ball:




Name a popular TV soap:




Other than ‘carrier’, name a type of bag:




Name something you might find in a garage:

“a grand piano..”



Name something a Frenchman would say

“On Garde..”



Name something that has a shell:




Name something a policeman might say:

“Spread ’em..”



Name a non-living object with legs:

“A plant..”



Name a sign of the Zodiac:




Name an animal associated with a nursery rhyme:

“Andy Pandy..”



Name a mode of transport that you can walk in:

“Your shoes..”



Name an animal with big ears:

“A bear..”



Name something you do on water:




Name a musical instrument you can play in the bath:

“A drum kit..”



Name something associated with Egypt:




Name a part of your body you only have one of:

“Your big toe..”



Name something you pull:

“A potato..”



Name something you open other than a door:

“Your bowels..”



Name something people might be allergic to:




Name an occupation where you need a torch:

“A burglar..”



Name a dangerous race:

“The Arabs..”



Name some famous brothers:

“Bonnie and Clyde..”




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