“I Think” Said The Sweet Potato, “Therefore I Yam”

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


The clue is in the title.

We’re playing with words again.

Yes, it’s pun day.





I had no idea there were so many different types of sandpaper.

Luckily the guy in the shop gave me a rough guide.




My grandfather tried to start his own company building airplanes.

But he couldn’t get it off the ground.




I’ve just started time travelling with an old friend of mine.

We go back a long way.




I used to have a job drilling for oil.

It was boring.

oil rig



I had to start singing when I realized I didn’t have

enough money to get into the public toilets.

I was busking for a piss.




Every summer, my dad would take me to the beach,

put me in a chest and bury me in the sand.

Treasured memories.

boy with treasure map



I’m having difficulty creating saline water.

I can’t work out if salt is part of the problem or part of the solution.




I only got it two weeks and already my

Chinese sound system is broken.

So stereotypical.

sound system



You know you’re in red neck territory when the

girls think Timberland is a theme park for lumberjacks.




You know what seems odd to me?

Numbers that aren’t divisible by two.




I heard that Rapunzel used to be a real party animal.

She was always letting her hair down.




After a hard day at work I thought it would be funny

to give my boss a big pat on the back.

That was my last day working on his farm.




As I sat down to dinner with Gaius Marius, Julius Caesar

and my wife, she rolled her eyes and said

“No, I said I wanted more ROMANCE in our relationship”.

Romans at dinner



I drink so much my liver is more like a dier.

Most Funny Drunk Animals (5)



Monk: “What porn is acceptable?”

Archbishop: “Nun.”




The banker said he could offer me a credit card with no interest.

I said, “Then why are you doing it?”

credit card cartoon2



I got sacked from NASA for falling asleep on the rocket.

It completely ruined the salad at their summer barbecue.




Once on vacation my friend fell over a pyramid and hurt his mouth.

Egypt his tooth.




The duck said to the bartender,

‘put it on my bill.’




I was in a Chinese restaurant last night and I asked

the waiter if there were any Chinese Jews.

He walked off then came back a while later and said,

“No we only have apple juice, lemon juice or orange juice.”

chinese restaurant




Intelligence Seems To Be The Only Thing In Jeopardy

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Intelligence seems to be the only thing in jeopardy as far as these quiz show contestants are concerned!

Another array of dumb answers to look at.



Q: On December 4, 1783, George Washington bade his officers farewell at this New York City tavern.     

A: What is the Whiskey-A-Go-Go?

cherry tree



Q: This term for a long handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker.         

A: What is a hoe?


Q: By the 4th century AD, Rome had 28 public ones stacked with rolls of papyrus          

A: What are public toilets?


Q: It’s the southernmost city of the continental United States.     

A: What is West Virginia?


Q: He was born in India in 1841.

A: Who is Alex Trebek?

Alex Trebek

Q: Hedda Tesman, Helen Alving, Knut Brovik     

A: Who are three people that have never been in my kitchen?

Kitchen cartoon

Q: In which of the three daily meals are you most likely to eat fatty foods?         

A: Meat


Q: Bourbon whiskey is named after Bourbon County, located in what state?       

A: England



Q: Prior to 1984, what was the last year the United States participated in the Summer Olympics? 

A: 1936


Q: On the middle row of a standard keyboard, what key should your left pinky rest on?  



Q: What chocolate bar is named after the Roman god of war?    

A: Snickers


Q: What ‘G’ is a brand of animal shaped cheddar crackers introduced by Pepperidge Farm in 1962?        

A: Oreos


Q: How many red stripes are there on the American flag?           

A: 50

American Flag

Q: What ‘H’ is the general term for a six-sided two-dimensional shape?   

A: Trapezoid



Q: According to the proverb, the daily consumption of what piece of fruit keeps the doctor away?          

A: Banana

banana cartoon