I Don’t Know How They Do It But Every Week They Seem To Get Worse!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”

Yes, I really don’t know how they do it, but every week they do seem to get worse. Where these answers come from or why shall always be a mystery, but they are fun and that’s what we like here, especially on a Monday!

You gotta start the week with a smile 🙂




Q: The perfect temperature for an autumn day   

A: 87   


Q: An important city during colonial times          

A: Virginia

A: New England



Q: Name something parents yell at their kids to finish    

A: “Get off that computer”



Q: Name a movie people love to watch at Christmas      

A: Snow White 



Q: Name a type of fruit found in tarts    

A: Sweet tarts



Q: Name something you buy by the set 

A: Paper

Q: Name something you buy in a larger size if you have a large family    

A: Jeans

Q: Name something a woman sees that would make her tell her husband to stop the car 

A: A bicycle

Q: The most you could afford to pay for a gallon of gas

A: $20

Q: Name a way you would treat a pet like a human         

A: Take it to the vet

Q: Name something London is famous for        

A: Pasta

Q: Name a famous Australian    

A: Peter Pan    


Q: The name of a famous sex symbol   

A: Wilma

Q: An invention that has replaced stairs 

A: Wheel


Q: Name something associated with the show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”

A: Bob Barker





16 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How They Do It But Every Week They Seem To Get Worse!

  1. One of the answers should have been “caffeine jolt.”
    He looked pathetic, but when you put yourself out there, that’s what happens.

    What is another name for jock strap?
    A. Saddle – for jockeys
    B. Medication to prevent jock itch.
    C. Athletic supporter
    D. The whip that jockeys use to make their horse go faster

  2. Oh wow, I feel so sorry for that guy. He seems so likable, and he obviously knew the correct answer. How awful.

    Oh and by the way, question 1 – 87 is a proper answer here in San Antonio. When the temp drops below 95 we know autumn is on the way. 😉

    • Do I love youth? Not particularly, except maybe for their optimism.which sometimes is justified and at other times as in the WWTBAM clip isn’t.
      And I agree about the temperature.

  3. Um … change the genders around, and that has actually happened with the bicycle. Back when I was doing the German re-enacting, we used bicycles (since we couldn’t afford tanks), and more than once, I yelled at the wife to stop he car (or stopped it while I was driving) to back up and look at an old bike at a yard or garage sale. I still take long looks today, even though I can’t ride well with my bad hip. Old habits! 😉
    Though somehow I don’t find “Wilma” as a sex symbol all that weird. I made the mistake of Googling Lois Griffin pictures (from “Family Guy”) some years back to show someone who I was talking about, and the top search results were …. um … ODD. WAY ODD. Even for me – and that’s saying something! 😀

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