Two Post Tuesday

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


It’s not often that I post twice in one day. I did the funny post earlier but there is something else that I want to say and today is the day to say it. Strap yourselves in!

I don’t remember where I was when JKF was shot. It was a bit too far back in time for me to be worrying about such things. I do remember where I was when I saw my first movie about the assassination, though. I was in a cinema. The movie was called Executive Action and starred Burt Lancaster. Some critics panned it at the time but I thought it was very good, based on a conspiracy theme naturally enough. I actually thought it was better that Stone’s acclaimed effort, ‘JFK’, made many years later.

I also remember where I was this day eleven years ago. It was the day that the world changed for ever and I was sitting in my study at home battling with a few spreadsheets for a business plan I was putting together. The TV was on in the background and the normal programs suddenly cut to what was happening in New York.


World Trade Center, New York City,   September 11,  2001
World Trade Center, New York City, September 11, 2001

Of course that was the end of my spreadsheets for the day. I became totally enthralled in the news coverage which was to say the least confused. By that time the first tower was belching out a steady stream of smoke. It was clearly on fire and had been very badly damaged.

The reporters were speculating as to what may have been the cause. They talked about ‘accidents’ and eyewitness reports of a small private aircraft hitting the building. But, to anyone with any wit at all, it had to have been much more than a small airplane to do that amount of damage to a building that huge.

Then, as I continued to watch, the second plane hit the other tower. Some of the reporters still could not come to grips with what was happening. The second plane was clearly a large commercial jet and, equally clearly, it had been flown deliberately into the second tower.

This was the real deal. And all of the multi-billion dollar military/intelligence defense network had been caught with their trousers down round their collective ankles.

A massive terror attack was in progress and we were able to watch it in real time on our televisions. It was at the same time mesmerizing, engrossing and, not least, horrifying.

The horrific nature of what had happened became clearer when everyone began to realize that, not only had many innocent people probably lost their lives when the airplanes had struck the buildings, but also that there was little or no hope of saving those on the floors above where the impact had occurred. It got even worse when some of the trapped people threw themselves out of the building and could been seen falling to the ground and to certain death.

Emergency services rushed to the scene. Many acts of extreme bravery followed as police and firefighters went into the burning buildings with little or no regard for their own safety. I can’t say this for sure, but I imagine at least some of them knew there was little chance they would get back out again. But they did it anyway.

Then we heard that the Pentagon had been the target of a further attack and yet another airplane, also bound we were told for the Washington DC area, had gone down somewhere en route.

In all 2,977 people were murdered as a result of the terrorist attacks that morning.

We know who was responsible for the attacks. We know that many of their terrorist comrades, including the figurehead Bin Laden, have since been killed. And we know the terrible cost in terms of lost lives and serious injuries to the various armed forces who were sent to do that job.

September 11 is now officially ‘Patriot Day’, a day of remembrance. And we should all take at least a moment in honor of the victims.

Sadly the aftermath of these terrorist attacks eleven years ago brought only knee-jerk reactions from jerk politicians. They had the audacity to call it the Patriot Act, but it attacks the freedom of innocent law-abiding citizens just as much as it does the terrorists and criminals.

Contaminated by the hellish liberal inspired ‘guilt’ that now pervades all government decisions and means that it is no longer perceived as acceptable if we take our own side in a fight, a raft of idiotic, unnecessary and unfair legislation has, and is, being enacted.

This is being done in the name of defending the homeland, but unwilling to only target the national, ethnic or religious groups who are responsible for the vast majority of the terror, poor old law-abiding Joe Public gets targeted as well.

Everyone is now guilty until they can prove their innocence. Get on an airplane at an airport and you are treated as a potential terrorist and irradiated and probed and so forth. Open a bank account and you are treated as a potential terrorist trying to launder money – despite the fact that it was the banks themselves who were doing that job.

It’s not that any of this is a great hardship. It’s just that it is completely unnecessary and unproductive. It is the typical politician’s and bureaucrat’s way of trying to con the populace by substituting activity for real progress.

A lot of potential terrorist attacks in America and elsewhere have been thwarted during the past eleven years, but not one of them as a result of all the overt claptrap at airports and so forth.

Will it change? Will sanity and intelligence take over?

Not a chance.

Will it get worse? Will the bureaucrats’ hunger for control and interference increase?

Of course it will, regardless of whether the regime is Republicrat or Democrican.

So who really did win?

The terrorists may well have lost, but the people certainly didn’t win! 

11 thoughts on “Two Post Tuesday

  1. Remember the solidarity of the country on that day, and in the following few weeks? Remember Congress, Democrat and Republican standing shoulder to shoulder on the steps? Remember how the world mourned with us, not least because almost 200 of their citizens died alongside our people?
    I remember all that. I remember having our windows open on the 12th, because the airplanes that roared over our house to land at O’Hare airport had been grounded. I remember our suburb’s fire department rolling to a call, past our house, with an American flag flying from the rear. I remember being angry, FURIOUS even, that some bunch of suicidal idiots had ruined our wedding anniversary. And I remember thinking about how our country would change in the next few years.
    Now, if only the current election campaigns could remember the love and unity of those day, and think of all the people effected, rather than focusing on their own petty fortunes.

  2. Very well stated! I too have thought about the unity in those days and wondered where it went and how we can get it back. Sadly tomorrow the campaigns that divide us will go on as usual.

    I remember flying to San Francisco shortly after 9/11. The planes were almost empty and the terminals quiet. Homeland Security did not exist. In a few weeks I will be flying back to San Francisco and I will be treated like any common suspect.

  3. I flew three days later. I fly constantly, nearly every week. Have done so for 20 years and don’t see it changing soon. In fact I lowered my rate $20 an hour just so I could take a 8 month contract here at home, no flying, no hotels for 8 months worth it.

    The idea that we had a terrible thing happen, it brought us as a nation together for a brief time and then frankly was used as a wedge to tear this nation to shreds. We are decimated by our losses, loss of life and loved ones but more importantly loss of community.

    Well done.

  4. It had big and mostly negative effects on us here in Canada as well. I used to enjoy slipping into Montana and spending a day driving the Logan pass. I won’t see that beautiful country again. There’s just too much hassle involved with crossing the border.

    Yes, there was always customs to go through, but it was much like knocking on the neighbors door as you walk in. Now you’re left in no doubt that you are entering a foriegn country. Kind of feels like when you’ve fallen out with your best friend.

    Ah well. We’ve still got some pretty country here that I haven’t seen yet.

    • I’m a big fan of the Canadian Rockies, could happily spend a lot of time there.
      Yes, it’s a great pity that the bureaucrats’ and dumb politicians’ only answer is to treat our friends as enemies rather than treating our enemies as enemies.
      Still, look on the bright side, you’re always welcome here 😉

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