Quiz Show Answers Monday Strikes Again!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Let’s start off the new week with a little bit lighter post than yesterday.

If it’s Monday it must be time for another selection of answers from television quiz shows, the programs where ordinary members of the general public are given the chance to show the world what they know – often it isn’t very much as you will see from the list below.




Q: What was the principal language used by the ancient Romans?

A:  Greek



Q: Alderney and Sark – are they part of the Channel Islands?

A:  Ooooh! Is that the English Channel? I don’t know, are there islands in the English Channel? I’ve never heard of any. France – that’s near the English Channel, isn’t it?



Q: “Which Duke resides at Woburn Abbey?

A:  Hazzard



Q: What name does Cat Stevens go under now? I’ll give you a clue, he became a Muslim…

A:  Abu Hamza



Q:  What kind of dozen is 13?

A:  Half a dozen



Q: Who was the Prime Minister before Tony Blair?

A:  George Bush



Q: Of all Beatrix Potter’s books, which is the only one to feature a human in the title?

A:  Peter Rabbit



Q: Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

A:  Leonardo Di Caprio



Q: Johnny Weissmuller died on this day. Which jungle-swinging character clad only in a loincloth did he play?

A:  Jesus



Q: What was Hitler’s first name?

A:  Heil




Q: Beethoven was the first composer to use what sliding brass instrument in a symphony?         

A:  Violin          



Q: After a 76-year absence, what comet last appeared in 1986?  

A:  Spider-Man



Q: What is both a Chinese appetizer and a traditional Easter event?        

A:  Wonton Dim sum    



Q: What city bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world?

A:  Universal Studios



Q: What “U” are the Eastern Europeans who originated the tradition of painting Easter eggs?

A:  Yugoslavians          



Q: What “S” is the nearest star to the earth?       

A:  Saturn        



Q: What “R” was named for its ability to erase or rub out pencil marks?  

A:  Eraser        



Q: What “W” has a brain the size of a cherry and can impact a tree at 1300 MPH?           

A:  Water buffalo   (Correct answer: Woodpecker)          



Q: What “T” can travel at speeds of up to 900 feet per second? 

A:  Turtle          



Q: What “E” is the world’s highest mountain?     

A:  Everglades



Q: What “W” is Ronald Reagan’s middle name? 

A:  We-publican



Q: What “S” is the US’s number one import from Manchuria?      

A:  Spaghetti



Q: What is the Asian practice of temporary tattooing, used for special occasions?          

A:  Hentai         



Q: What is the only mammal capable of true flight?        

A:  Pterodactyl 



Q: In botany, what is the scientific term for a plant that lives for more than two years?     

A:  A tree



Q: In Star Wars, what peacekeeping force includes the ranks Padawan and Knight?        

A:  Space Invaders       



Q: In 2002, C. Ray Nagin, Jr. succeeded Marc Morial as the mayor of what city?  

A:  New Jersey (Correct answer: New Orleans)



Q: A wild animal that can be found roaming the suburbs

A: Lion



Q: Something a husband and wife should have separate of        

A: Parents        



Q: A drink you recognize by its smell    

A: Potatoes     



Q: An occupation where you can make a lot of money without a lot of brains      

A: A drug dealer           



Q: Something you’d hate to find out about the guy you almost married (100 women)       

A: He’s a she   



Q: A planet you recognize just by looking at a picture of it         

A: The Moon    



Q: A way to make bathing a sexy experience     

A: In the nude



Q: Where you were the first time you saw the person you married           

A: District Attorney’s office       



Q: A month of spring    

A: Summer       



Q: The month of pregnancy where a woman begins to look pregnant      

A: September   



Q: Something you squeeze       

A: Peanut butter