Warning: Read Carefully, More Stupid Signs Ahead!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Heed the warning in the title, another selection of warning signs written for the chronically stupid follows.

That these have to be written is a tragedy in itself. That most of them seem to be written by they very people they are aimed at is one of those mysteries that may take years to solve.

In the meantime, enjoy.


pointing left keep right sign


“Malfunction: Too less water.”

A notice left on a coffee machine.




“Prescriptions cannot be filled by phone.”

On a form in a clinic.




“You could be a winner!

No purchase necessary.

Details inside.”

On a bag of Fritos.

 bag of Fritos



“Fits one head.”

On a hotel-provided shower cap box.

 shower cap box



“Payment is due by the due date.”

On a credit card statement.

 credit card statement



“No small children.”

On a laundromat triple washer.

 laundromat triple washer



“Warning: Ramp Ends In Stairs.”

A sign, correctly describing the end of a

concrete ramp intended for handicap access to a bridge.

 Warning Ramp Ends In Stairs



“Take care: new non-slip surface.”

On a sign in front of a newly renovated ramp

that led to the entrance of a building.

 Take care new non-slip surface



“In case of flood, proceed uphill.

In case of flash flood, proceed uphill quickly.”

One of the emergency safety procedures at a summer camp.

 summer camp



“Ingredients: Artificially bleached flour, sugar,

vegetable fat, yeast, salt, gluten, soya flour,

emulsifier 472 (E) & 481, flour treatment agents,

enzymes, water.

May contain ……….fruit.”

The ingredients list on a package of fruit buns.

 package of fruit buns



“100% pure yarn.”

On a sweater.




“Some materials may irritate sensitive skin.

Please look at the materials if you believe this may be the case.


Covering: 100% Unknown.

Stuffing: 100% Unknown.”

On a pillow.





More Monday Madness – It’s Quiz Show Answers Time Again

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Another Monday and more quiz show answers. Those that know about these things tell me that the universe is expanding. All I can tell you it would need to be expanding fast because the amount of stupidity in the world is accelerating at a phenomenal rate.

Want proof?

Read on….(and enjoy)


Q: An article of clothing kids usually don’t like wearing   

A: Gap 



Q: An occupation in which you disguise your appearance           

A: Doctor



Q: Name something women borrow from each other      

A: Husbands



Q: Name a bad place to look for good husband material

A: Family Reunion



Q: Name something you put under a pillow        

A: Radio



Q: An astronaut

A: Neil Young



Q: Name something a man wears to bed           

A: Condom



Q: Name a room in the house where the family gathers   

A: Bathroom



Q: Name something people do when they’re alone         

A: Make love



Q: Name something starting with “egg”  

A: Excellent

A: Eggland



Q: Someone you’d never want to see the results of your IQ test 

A: The IRS



Q: Name a pie that does not contain fruit           

A: Lemon Meringue



Q: An ugly color           

A: Puce



Q: The one thing people know about Rosie O’Donnell.   

A: That she was the wife on the TV show “Roseanne”



Q: Name something a wife tells her husband to put on   

A: Makeup



Q: Name something a woman out on a date would hate to discover on her face  

A: Booger



Q: Name a department in a supermarket

A: Lingerie



Q: Name something you keep in the drawer beside your bed      

A: Contraceptives



Q: Name a magazine that many men get subscriptions to as gifts           

A: Playgirl



Q: The one word that people yell at the end of a performance    

A: “I love you.” 



Q: Someone Bugs Bunny might invite to his birthday party         

A: Doc 



Q: Name something that might get backed up   

A: Trash

A: Yourself



Q: Name something you know about Rudy Giuliani        

A: Absolutely nothing



Q: Name something you’d yell at if it stopped working   

A: Spouse



Q: Name a game show title that best describes your marriage    

A: Happy Days 



Q: Name a food that’s red on the inside

A: Kiwi 



Q: The talent show with the crankiest judges, past or present      

A: America’s Funniest Home Videos



Q: Name something you wash once a week       

A: Self 



Q: Name a TV show with the word “family” in it, past or present  

A: My Three Sons



Q: One of Santa’s reindeer        

A: Nixon