Did You Know – The More I Know, The More I Know I Don’t know.

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


This is a bit Donald Rumsfeld, but it is certainly true that the more of these facts I see, the more I know I don’t know, except I would know if I could remember them all.

But enough of that.

Let’s get on with today’s lot.


did you know3


The official state vegetable of Oklahoma

is the watermelon.

watermelon, official state vegetable of Oklahoma



Horses cannot breathe through their mouths.

Horse's mouth



The word ‘Hazard’ comes from the Arabic ‘al zahr’ which means ‘the dice’.

The term came to be associated with dice during the Crusades

and eventually took on a negative connotation because

games of dice were associated with gambling.

Hazard sign



If you eat a teaspoon of sugar after eating something spicy,

it will completely neutralize the heat.

teaspoon of sugar



When the oldest person on Earth was born,

there was a completely different set of people on the planet.

oldest person on Earth



The last veteran of the American Civil War died in 1956,

long enough to see the atomic bomb dropped in Japan.

Albert Henry Woolson, last surviving Civil War veteran on either side whose status is undisputed.



A “butt load” is an actual unit of measurement,

equivalent to 126 gallons.

butt load - giant_ass_in_seat



The word ‘posh’, which denotes luxurious rooms or accommodations,

originated when ticket agents in England

marked the tickets of travelers going by ship to the Orient.

Since there was no air conditioning in those days,

it was always better to have a cabin on the shady side of the ship

as it passed through the Mediterranean and Suez area.

Since the sun is in the south, those with money paid extra

to get cabins on the left, or port, traveling to the Asia,

and on the right, or starboard, when returning to Europe.

Hence their tickets were marked with the initials for

Port Outbound Starboard Homebound, or POSH.

POSH logo black_full



Nepal is the only country without a rectangular flag,

it looks like two pennants glued one on top of the other.




Dr Seuss wrote “Green Eggs And Ham”

to win a bet against his publisher

who thought that Seuss could not complete

a book using only 50 words.

Green Eggs And Ham Dr Seuss



Crocodiles are more closely related to birds than to lizards.




Not only was James Garfield ambidextrous,

he could write Latin with one hand

and Greek with the other at the same time.

James Garfield ambidextrous



Shakespeare and Pocahontas

were alive at the same time.

Shakespeare and Pocahontas



Kiribati is the first country in the world

that will be entirely lost due to rising sea levels.

They are already planning the complete and

permanent evacuation of the population.




Duddley Do Right’s Horses name was “Horse.”





Congratulations! You’ve Won Nothing At All. How Could You With Answers Like These?

 “Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


It is a continual mystery to me why people who are so obviously dumb enter pressure competitions on television thinking they will win something. But they do try. And the only prize they get is to end up on blogs like this.

Get out the whipped cream and enjoy!



Q: Name a car known by its initials        

A: Corvette       



Q: Name something you keep in a kitchen canister         

A: Cans           



Q: Name a reason a man might take his toupee off        

A: To show off  



Q: Name a state with good skiing          

A: Florida         



Q: Name a word that rhymes with “cookie”         

A: Nookie         



Q: If someone tells you a secret, how many people do you tell? 

A: Five 



Q: Name something you hope your husband never loses           

A: His pants     



Q: Name something most people have only one of        

A: One set of grandparents



Q: Name a phrase starting with “Father” 

A: Stepfather    



Q: Name a fruit used in pies      

A: Squash



Q: Name a holiday where stores are always busy           

A: Monday       



Q: Name a type of movie that best describes your love life        

A: Exciting       



Q: Name something that can be smooth or bumpy         

A: Bread          



Q: The country that has the best music to dance to, besides the US       

A: Canada



Q: The one word people yell to their dog           

A: “Here, boy!”



Q: An occasion when a church might have standing room only.  

A: New Year’s Eve        



Q: Name a three letter word children first learn to spell   

A: Not  



Q: Name a country starting with “B”       

A: Bostonia



Q: One of Oprah’s favorite people        

A: Regis Kelly  



Q: Name something a woman buys to spice up the romance at home     

A: Whipped cream