When You Read This Post You Will Feel A Lot Smarter

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Yesterday I inflicted a test on you, sorry about that.

Today, you will get your chance to see how others fared in their test results.

Yes, it’s another selection of my favorites, the TV Quiz Show Answers!!!

Any time you think the human race is evolving into something a bit smarter, just watch a few quiz shows on TV. Dumb and dumber are still here and likely to be so for some considerable time.



What is the highest prime number under ten?




What was the last state to join the USA?




What kind of dozen is thirteen?

“Half a dozen”



How many ‘E’s are there in ‘argument’?




Sri Lanka is situated to the south-east of which Asian country?

“South Africa”



What is the capital of Iraq?




The equator divides the world into how many hemispheres?




In which film did Dudley Moore star as the title character?




Which three-letter word is known as ‘the definite article’?




Who initiated the Chinese cultural revolution?




The name of which famous racehorse was the word ‘murder’ spelt backwards?




Which Italian city is overlooked by Vesuvius?




What is the correct name for the Australian wild dog?




What does a bat use to facilitate flying in the dark?




Which South American country has borders with ten others?




Which city was chosen to host the first Chinese Grand Prix?




Complete the title of the well-known play: ‘The Iceman..’?




In what European country was actor Antonio Banderas born?




What ‘C’ is a wine drunk on special occasions?




What ‘Z’ is used to describe a human who has returned from the dead?




The province of Ontario is situated in which Commonwealth country?




When people watch too much TV they are warned that which part of their body will turn square?