Does The Name Pavlov Ring A Bell?

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


What would Thursdays be without a few puns?

Well, yes, okay it would still be Thursday, but a lot less enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for?

I’m sure you are already salivating at the prospect.




My desire to be a dermatologist was only skin deep.

I knew I was destined for osteology.

I could feel it in my bones.



There’s been a break in at a local puzzle factory.

Authorities are still trying to piece things together.

puzzle factory logo


The dead batteries were given out free of charge.




The hardest time in a man’s life

is between puberty and impotence.




I used to think I was trapped in a woman’s body…

Then I was born.



Never hit a man with glasses.

Hit him with a baseball bat.

baseball bat



I did some DIY with my step-ladder the other night.

I never really got along with my real ladder.

step ladder


My Uncle had his tongue shot off during World War II.

He doesn’t talk about it, though.



Some people like Pachyderms.

But I find them irrelephant



My wife left me because of my obsession with sporting puns.

its a shame really because i wanted to discus it.




I went to the dentist the other day and he told me that he was sick of hearing puns about his job.

So I told him ‘I had a filling you were going to say that’

I had a filling



I would prefer it if there were Fuhrer puns about the Nazis, thanks very much.

invasion pun


Did you hear about the transvestite blues singer?

He woke up one morning and he had the blouse.



I hate when people try to use the word infinity just to be clever.

It annoys me to no end.





It’s Quiz Show Answers Monday

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Yet again we plumb the depths of human stupidity. Yes, it’s Monday and time for more quiz show answers.




Q: Name something you bang when it’s not working right           

A: Wall



Q: Name something you might accidentally leave on all night     

A: Shoes



Q: Name a famous pig 

A: My mother-in-law



Q: Name a place you dab perfume on   

A: Tip of tongue



Q: Name a subject elderly people spend a lot of time discussing           

A: Bingo



Q: Name a famous group of singers     

A: The Simpsons



Q: Name a food dieters have dreams about at night       

A: Losing weight



Q: Name a place where you might see a whole lot of shaking going on   

A: The malted milk factory



Q: Name a country Americans admire    

A: Europe



Q: Name a brand of gasoline    

A: Regular

A: Unleaded

A: Ethyl           



Q: Name a country known for its beautiful beaches        

A: Hawaii



Q: Name a word or phrase you hear in a tennis game     

A: “Fore”



Q: Name something books tell you that you can do in 30 days or less    

A: Make a baby



Q: Name something you wear for protection      

A: Gun 



Q: Name a famous person named Carey (Carrie, Carrey, etc.)     

A: Carey Bradshaw



Q: Name something people peek through          

A: Down a lady’s blouse



Q: Name a Scandinavian country           

A: Australia



Q: Name a city with a reputation as the sin capital of the world   

A: Sodom



Q: Name a U.S. President that would look good in a Speedo     

A: Harry S. Truman



Q: One of the three bears         

A: Yogi



Q: Name a famous Hogan        

A: The Hogan