Lif Is Too Short.

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Lif may be too short but thankfully there’s no shortage of puns.

Here’s the latest selection for you to…

Enjoy or endure!!




I’ve just ended a relationship with a hair stylist.

We just never gelled.

hair stylist cartoon



Say what you like about deaf people.

But not blind people,

they can still hear you.




I went to the inventor of Optrex’s funeral today.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.




My wife says the passion has gone out of our relationship.

She really doesn’t know how much I hate her.

love hate



I used to be a hypochondriac until

I eventually became sick of it.




What have Winnie the Pooh and

Atilla the Hun got in common ?…….

the same middle name

Winnie the Pooh



Wouldn’t it be better if handmade shoes

were for your feet?

handmade shoes



I’ll be making a movie

about the Greek alphabets.

It’s a Psi Phi film.

Greek alphabet



What do you call

a quick circumcision.

A rip off.

cartoon circumcision



According to scientists there is a

link between noise and obesity.

Probably the dinner bell.

come and get it



Just bought a time machine from Amazon.

Well you have to when they offer

previous day delivery.

time machine



Finally for today a health warning:

Mixing cannabis with cod liver oil

is bad for your joints.

weed joints




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