6 thoughts on “Two-Faced Book.

  1. Are you on Facebook? Perhaps not! I agree that FB has too much control but then when you go anywhere on the Internet you may be tracked with cookie crumbs. FB certainly can be trivial, useless and a waste of time. Yet it can be of some value. I confess that I am on FB but like to believe that I use it intelligently. (I can imagine your laughing!) And I do not post every detail of my life there as I am too much of a private person. Husband has been on and off of FB many times and has finally given it up.

    Interesting post!

    • I’m on Facebook too, and I copy my blog posts there although I do nothing to promote it. But I also have to rush to my own defense and say I originally signed up to look at a friend’s photos. So I suppose I’m just a little hypocrite, not a big one 🙂

      • I post my blog posts there also but I don’t promote them either. Yours are so appealing! You really should do more to promote it! Perhaps I will “share” one of yours on FB. I don’t think most people on FB really know how to like or comment on someone’s blog itself other than to “like” it on FB.

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