Gullibility test kit – send $19.99 now!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Gullible or not now is your chance to look at this week’s selection of word plays, better known as puns.

As usual they come with choice….

Enjoy or endure!!




I have four problems in life:



and counting.

 counting sesame street



I was driving along the other day,

when a bloke stopped me and said,

“Your back mud flaps have fallen off.”

I said, “Can’t do much about it now,

I’ll just carry on rear guard less.”

 mud flaps



Stable relationships

are for horses

 Stable relationships are for horses



My friend told me that after years of doubt,

he is now convinced my wife is having an affair.

“We’ve gone and moved 250 miles away,” he told me.

“And we’ve still got the same window cleaner.”

 window cleaner



It’s times like these, when I’m sat

in bed with my computer on my knee,

that I really wish I’d bought a laptop.




I think I may have a shower.

Just checked, yes I do, it’s upstairs.

 a shower



I just found $20 hanging from my ceiling.

It was a suicide note.

 $20 bill



Exaggerations went up

by a million percent last year.

 sales chart



If Einstein hadn’t come up with

the Theory of Relativity,

someone else would have.

It was only a matter of time.




My cat is absolutely terrified

of thunder and lightening.

The pussy.




What part of my body is as long as your thigh,

contains over 120 muscles,

and is an anagram of “pensi”?

No, you’re completely wrong.

The correct answer is my spine.




According to my facebook timeline,

I had no life before joining Facebook in 2012.

I believe it to be the other way around.





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