Understanding what is beyond the horizon is beyond me.

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


But puns I do understand.

What is a little more puzzling is why I like them and why so many others do as well.

Still, we can figure out that conundrum another time.

For now it’s another Pun Day, so….

Enjoy or endure!




I bought a cheap Jack-in-a-box

and it’s not much good.

It doesn’t surprise me.

 cheap Jack-in-a-box



Some guy came up to me in the street today

and said “Wow, you look odd.”

I replied “Well, so do you.”

“Guess that made us even.”

 odd and even



I’ve just come back from the corner shop.

I bought four corners.

 corner shop



So King Abdullah died,

that should sheikh things up a bit.

 King Abdullah



I’ve got a part time job for a company

making rubberized computer keyboards.

It’s flexible shifts.

 rubberized computer keyboards



Someone stopped me while I was jogging

this morning to ask why I had

duct tape over my mouth.

I didn’t answer.

It’s a running gag.

 duct tape over mouth



A friend of mine bought a second hand

deck of cards from a casino in Las Vegas,

but after four weeks they hadn’t arrived.

When he asked for an update, they said

they were still dealing with his order.

 Las Vegas casino card packs



Did you hear about the fisherman

who was learning Spanish

He got lost at Si




I’m currently reading a book about

North African invaders during

Medieval times and can’t put it down.

Its very moorish.

 A Moor



I looked up the definition of

the word “arbitrary” today.

For no particular reason.

 arbitrary definition



My boss said,

“As part of our cost-saving drive we are

installing energy-efficient lights in the toilets.

They work on a motion detection system.”

I replied,

“That’s all fair and well, but what if

someone’s just going in for a pee?”




A storm has ripped through

my coconut farm…

I’m desiccated.

 coconut cracked



Whenever I find a pretty girl

I look for intelligence.

Because if she doesn’t have that,

then she’s mine!




I always ask too many questions.

Does anybody know why this is?

 too many questions



I text a friend the other day asking him

who his favorite composer is.

Surprisingly, he didn’t text Bach.





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