Ebay Accounts Are Forbidden.

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Sadly WordPress doesn’t let you bid on these posts either. I wonder why not?

Still, never mind, we have another Pun Day to look forward too now.


Enjoy or endure!!





Assistant required to fill

hourglasses with sand.

No timewasters.




When bakers have a fight

They go at it all Buns Glazing.

 bakers fight buns



My friend is really interested in magnets.

Personally, I can’t see the attraction.




Some bloke just barged into my caravan

accusing me of being the world’s worst psychic.

I don’t know what he was thinking.

 world's worst psychic



I entered a cartoonist competition today,

there were five of us in it,

we drew..

 cartoonist drawing



How do trespassers get in your house?

Intruder window.

 Intruder window



This morning a beautiful blonde

came up to me in the street

and wrote her phone number on my hand

in bright yellow felt tip pen…

… It was the highlight of my day !

 bright yellow felt tip pen



I gave my son a faceless coin.

He couldn’t make head nor tails of it.

 faceless coin



If I see one more person misuse an apostrophe

I think Ill go completely nut’s !

 misuse an apostrophe



I am permanently hooked up to a device

which gives me an electric shock

if I say something negative.

It’s not ideal, but I can’t complain

 electric shock



I’ve noticed that chess players

always close the door behind them

Do you think they don’t like draughts?

 chess game thomas crown affair



Somebody closed the lid on my piano.

Now i can’t open it because the keys are inside.

 closed lid on piano



My friend has just directed his

own under-budget documentary,

“Living with the World’s Smallest Bath”.

I thought I’d give him a little plug.

 little plug



You can tell the sex of an ant

by dropping it into a jug of water.

If it sinks: girl ant

If it floats: boy ant

 jug of water



The number of people who shout


to their friends has risen by 85%.

That’s a frightening statistic.





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