I’m Starting A One-Man Band – Email Me If You’re Interested.

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Welcome to the last Pun Day….

Of this July that is, I hope you didn’t get your hopes up too high.

Anyway here are the latest offerings.

Enjoy or endure!






This nice weather doesn’t fool me one bit.

It’s just a front.

warm front



What do you call a couple

who go fishing together?

Rod and Annette.

Rod and Annette



I hate jokes about Vietnam.

They really Hanoi me.

Hanoi map



My new book about Poltergeists

is flying off the shelves.




I was touched by my Granddad

when I was a little boy.

His tear jerking tales of world war two

were simply heartbreaking.




I was telling the police officer

how local youths had thrown

a milk bottle at me and just missed.

He asked, “Skimmed past your face?”

I replied, “No, full fat over my shoulder.” 




‘My post box’

has got nine letters in it.

australia post box



I told my fiancee and friends that I wanted

to racially segregate our wedding.

They didn’t really warm to it.

I was met with a mixed reception.

wedding reception



Age isn’t

“just a number”

– it’s quite clearly a word




People who confuse

the metaphorical and the factual

make my head literally explode.

head literally explode



My girlfriend was disappointed when

I bought her New York flights for her birthday.

But not as disappointed as I was when

I found out she didn’t even play darts.

darts New York flights



I’ve just stolen loads of swimming inflatables.

I’d better lilo.   




I went to see my new doctor this morning about my piles.

He told me to drop my trousers and pants and bend over.

As I pulled my cheeks apart, he said,

“I’m going to need your whole name.”

I said, “I just call it my asshole.”

man with trousera down



Gordon Ramsay reminds me of a newspaper.

Only with more headlines.

Gordon Ramsay headlines



Time traveller’s convention next June.

I’m there.

Time traveller's convention




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