Vlad The Bad?

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The Sunday Sermon


“It was the Russians, they’re the ones to blame.”

“It was Putin. He’s the baddie. We can’t let him get way with it!”


So go the cries in the US in the aftermath of the shooting down of Air Malaysia Flight MH17 over the Ukraine.

And that was long before any of the facts had been collected and it was known who shot down a plane on a different continent, or why. 

Russia wants (virtual) control of the Ukraine. There isn’t really any doubt about that. For them it is a strategic imperative. Russia’s history has taught it that it needs to be able to control a vast amount of territory, if only to use as a buffer zone against invasion.

The situation is not helped by various US Presidents and Secretaries of State giving Russia assurances that they would not attempt to involve the peripheral former Soviet states in things like NATO – and then trying to do the exact opposite.

It is now widely accepted that the underlying reason for the unrest in the Ukraine and Russia’s reaction is because of US interference in that country, which included helping to overthrow its democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, and replace him with someone who was a virtual puppet of the West.

That was just asking for trouble. And they should have known it.

And they will get trouble, probably much more than they bargained for.

Unfortunately that will impact on ordinary people, like us.


Just as the US has its beady eyes on bringing the Ukraine and other former Soviet states into pro-Western organizations like NATO, it is equally certain that Putin will have his beady eyes on not only bringing the former Soviet states back firmly under Russian control, but in perhaps expanding his relationships with other parts of Europe.

Putin has the energy reserves to do it. Whilst there is very little in the way of direct trade between the US and Russia, particularly in regard to energy supplies, (Russia is just the United States’ 20th largest trading partner), Europe is largely dependent on Russian gas to keep it going. Over 30 percent of the European Union’s energy supplies come from Russia and the EU is Russia’s largest trading partner.

Russia’s counter strategy, therefore, will obviously be to use its considerable economic influence as leverage to try to break up the NATO alliance and to separate the European power house, Germany, from its Anglo-American alliance.

Putin is being helped by the arrogance of America’s government spooks who thought they could spy on their friends and allies, even going so far as tapping the phone of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, without there being consequences.  


Prompted by leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the fallout from America’s spying debacle continues, people have been arrested, and the German government has even ordered the local CIA station chief to pack his bags and leave the country.

Germany may still place some value on its relationship with the US, but not nearly so much as previously, thanks solely to America’s lack of respect for them.

Putin and his advisors know this, even if Obama and Kerry don’t. They see Germany as ready for change. And they may well be right. The German people are angry at the contempt America has shown for them  – just as Americans would rightly have been if the Germans had done the same to them and their President  –  and they are increasingly frustrated at the burden the European Union has become economically.

If the US doesn’t catch itself on and behave differently and with respect towards its foreign friends, it may find that there will be changes it did not expect and certainly did not want.

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3 thoughts on “Vlad The Bad?

  1. Among all the other effects of the MH17 incident are two outcomes that will become increasingly significant in the near to medium term:

    1. The mainstream portrayal of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism or outright terrorist state of itself. The importance of this is that it adds another element to what is an already earnest propaganda campaign to convince Western public opinion of Russia’s wickedness. CNN, BBC, et al can now assert that not only does Russia persecute homosexuals – just like the Nazis did in the beginning – it also murders innocent civilians on passenger jets, thus extending its reprehensibility to par with Islamic extremists. The hive mind in the West is now primed for much more terrible atrocities to be pinned on Russia, and set to be primed even further; since the MH17 story broke, we have seen throwaway articles in the press about old Russian plans to hide nuclear devices in American cities during the Cold War. We might therefore reasonably conclude from these trends in Western propaganda that further outrages ostensibly emanating from the Kremlin are on the way, and that the US is intent on engaging Russia in a more robust, tangible way.

    2. The imparting of further momentum to what is an incipient recovery of the Counter Revolution in the West, particularly in the US. The paleoconservative patriot movement in particular distrusts anything the mainstream media or the USG says and, despairing of the moral bankruptcy of America, has been enchanted by the strong leadership shown by the president of Russia. Their admiration for Putin grows almost in parallel with his condemnation in the Anglosphere West. Here is a man who seems to be always one step ahead of the idiotic Obama, who thumbs his nose at Anglo American hegemonistic meddling, who openly invokes intense patriotism and who loses not a wink of sleep at Western assaults on his treatment of perverts. He is now a conservative figurehead, nay, an icon, a “Christian”, a real man who flies fighter planes and rides horses bareback. Yet none of his admirers understand a thing about long term Russian geopolitical aims, an instrumentality of which would be, said the old Soviet planners, the synthesis of a counter revolution in the US that Moscow would secretly manipulate in the buildup to World War 3.

    So, in sum then, MH17 polarises opinion in a way that, at various stages of the buildup to global conflict, will serve the interests of both Russia and the Anglo powers.

    • Thank you for the welcome!

      If my theory about the propaganda issue is correct, expect to see a steady stream of anti-Russia articles in the western media from now on. Already today the UK’s Daily Mail has a piece highlighting Russian violation of a weapons testing treaty. Meanwhile in Russia the anti-Western rhetoric grows stronger; “Ukraine obviously shot the plane down”, say the ordinary people.

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