I Never Question Myself. Why Should I Start Now?

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Why indeed!

I certainly never question the popularity of puns.

So here is another word play day for toy to…..

Enjoy or endure!




I went to see my doctor with chronic depression.

I said, “Feeling any happier these days doc?”

doctor with chronic depression



My friend certainly knows how to make an entrance.

He just put up my new front door.

new front door



I’ve just broken all my DVDs of Japanese cartoons.

I’m my own worst anime.




My dog just swallowed my phone

and got it stuck in his throat,

I’m going to ring his neck.

cartoon dog



Just for a laugh, I changed the font at our local church

but the Vicar wasn’t happy.

It took him half a day to get it back

to Times New Roman.




I’ve gone off them a bit now,

but there was a time when I used to really dig graves.             




My new girlfriend really takes my breath away.

She’s inflatable.

inflatable woman



I could hear the wife moaning about

a wobbly shelf in the kitchen.

I soon fixed that.

I turned the TV up.

tv volume control



I’m fed up with my friend Adam.

He walks round like he is God’s gift to women.




My dad was watching a news broadcast about Gaza.

He was so shocked he dropped hezbollah cornflakes.




My wife left because she thinks

I have an obsession with electricity.

I was like, “Watt, I’m shocked….

it hertz me when you say stuff like that.

Currently I’ve not been myself I admit,

but it would help if you had some positive input in

my life instead of being negative.

But none of that matters any more,

I’m going ohm.”            

electrical terms



I’m planning on becoming a shepherd.

It’s easy, I herd.




My next song is about subtraction.

Take it away…      




Leaving her living room,

a blonde finds her husband lying unconscious

at the foot of the stairs and in a panic she calls ‘911’.

“My husband’s fallen down the stairs,” she cries.

“Calm down, madam,” the operator tells her,

“do you know what caused the fall?”

“No, what?”

blonde blonde



Shop assistants are so rude these days.

I went into the DVD store and asked if they had

any about people stranded on a desert island.

The assistant told me to get lost.





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