Failure Is The Path Of Least Persistence.

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


If failure is path of least persistence, you can’t accuse me of failing to stick up for puns.

This series has already been going a lot longer than I ever imagined.

Will it ever end?

Eventually I suppose.

But not this week.

So enjoy or endure some more!




It’s your attitude and not your aptitude

that determines your altitude.

attitude and not your aptitude



Last night I had a dream that a silicon chip and

a hard drive conditionally offered to bring my dinner over.

If memory serves me.

silicon chip



It’s been decided that there will be a

new gay wing of the Government.

They’re starting with the Homo Office.

gay cartoon



Who is the worst chicken killer in Shakespeare?

Macbeth. He did murder most foul.




L’Oreal camouflage paint.

Because you’re war fit.

L'Oreal because you're worth it



My wife gave me a leaflet about

anger management last week…

I lost it.

anger management leaflet



People hang on my every word.

Probably why I lost my job at the Samaritans.




Two old ladies knocked on my door,

selling the bible and brown bread,

they were the Hovis witnesses!

Hovis witnesses



I’ve got an idea for a new interactive reality TV show.

It’s called ‘Bone Idol’.

I can’t be bothered to send it in though.

Bone Idol



At the recent winter Olympics, as the rest of the

bobsleigh team prepared for their first run,

the brake man suddenly fell to the floor clutching his leg.

“Go on without me,” he cried.

“I’ll only slow you down.”




Drilling for oil is boring.




I used to run a dating agency for chickens.

But I was struggling to make hens meet.




Did you hear about the Frenchman

who could only count to seven?

He had a huit allergy.

cartoon frenchman



Cool, although I just barley got it…a little corny….

I can’t help it, they just keep cropping up….




A bulb walks into an airport without any bags

wearing nothing but a shirt, sandals, and a hat.

The check in girl looks at him and says,

“Travelling light?”

The bulb says “Yes, I am.”

light bulb



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