A Day Not Sober Is Often A Day Wasted!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


A day not sober is often a day wasted and a week without a pun day just isn’t worth thinking about.

So here you are, another short selection of the jokes you love to hate.

Enjoy or endure!




I always have a great laugh when I’m mountain climbing.

I find them hilly areas.

hilly areas



The worst job I ever had was working in

a factory making cowboy records.

Howdy pressing.




Say what you like about iPhones, but you can’t

speak I’ll about their clever autocorrect feature.

autocorrect dad-mom-out



I spent all morning walking around in the wife’s panties.

She’s a big woman.




Had to fire my tailor.

It was nothing personal,

he just didn’t seam right.




My friend told me he was going to

a fancy dress party as an Italian island.

I said to him “Don’t be Sicily!”




I went to the Job Centre and all they

offered me was a job making beds.

I turned them down.




My friend Dave asked me if I wanted him to

recite the first twenty one letters of the alphabet to me.

“It’s up to U” I replied.




I used to have more money than sense,

Nowadays I’m broke AND stupid.




At last night’s pub quiz, a question came up:

“What is another name for a grey goose?”

I just couldn’t think of the Anser.




My neighbor asked me what I thought of her kids.

I said, “They should go far.”

Brimming with pride, she said “Really?”

“Yes,” I said, “And the sooner they start, the better.”

bad kids



Two removal men got into an argument.

They took it outside.




Been using this blog to try my hand at writing.

So far, it’s being a lot more successful than my foot.




I have decided to start a company where all the money

made will buy bread for Indian children’s curries.

It will be a naan profit organization.




When I was a teenager my mum always used to say

that my room was so messy I’d never

get any ‘self respecting girl’ to go in there.

Luckily those weren’t the girls I was after.





5 thoughts on “A Day Not Sober Is Often A Day Wasted!

  1. Ok. You Got Me At The Title. Heh heh 🙂

    It’s been a crazy week. Sorry I haven’t come by sooner! Thanks for stopping by my corner. Cheers, D

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