An Unusual, But Urgent, Request.

Commentality - Lotsa Comments ....

My regular readers know that I try to avoid “heavy” topics. Sure, I’ll memorialise our veterans and sing their praises. But otherwise, I try to keep things humourous and light around here. But today, I find myself having to do something quite unusual.

Most of you have heard of the Bataan (pronounced bat-a-AN, as I was pointedly instructed by a Filipino friend) Death March. What is rarely mentioned is the number of Filipinos who died side-by-side with our soldiers, whether as soldiers or as civilians trying to give food and water to our soldiers. They watched and reported on the Japanese occupiers, and aided our efforts in retaking the Philippines in 1944.

Now is our opportunity to pay them back. The devastation from Typhoon Haiyan is beyond words. While ships are headed to Tacloban, Cebu, and others, their top speeds are little more than 35mph. Most runways are short or…

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