10 thoughts on “What Am I?

  1. I can’t press like on this one because I am Canadian & I happen to think healthcare for everyone is a very important thing. I don’t know if the program put forth is the best thing or not, but I think it’s a start & something needs to be done.

    • Canadians are extremely lucky in that regard. They have the same in Britain except they can’t afford it and the standard is not good – if you need anything done you need to go privately and pay for it.

      • You can do the same thing in Canada. Need surgery sooner than the wait list? Fly to the States & have it done by paying for it. The wealthy will always find a way to suit themselves. For the rest of us poor schmucks – we wait in line, but we get healthcare without going bankrupt to pay for it. We’re probably paying more in taxes, but you don’t see this cost in a big lump sum.

  2. While I seriously hope they get things straightened out, I think a voluntary delay of a year would not only have shut the extremist Tea Partiers up (at least for a bit) and thus prevented (or minimised) the government shutdown, but also given the support staff a chance work the bugs out. I wrote mainframe software for over 15 years, and I never, EVER saw a roll-out go through error-free. And all we were doing was overcharging you for phone service and credit cards! 😀

    • The whole thing is ill thought out and rushed, a combination that almost certainly guarantees failure.
      The Brits wasted $6 billion (could have been pounds) on National Health systems they couldn’t get to work either!
      The whole approach to this is wrong, that’s the main problem.

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