8 thoughts on “Two Important Rules In Life

  1. Couple of ways to check questionable Emails. If there’s a website or Email address, put your cursor on it (but DON’T click any buttons!), then look at the lower left of your window. There should be an address there – if it end in two characters (like ZA) or doesn’t match the sender’s name, it’s bogus. Second, if it really looks real, go up to your toolbar (upper left), click on “File”, then find “Properties” on the dropdown. When the sub-window pops open, click on details. What you’ll see is a lot of gibberish (it’s coding language), but you should see something about “received from” or “sender address”. Again, if the address looks weird, doesn’t match to the Email, or has a weird country code on the end (again, like ZA), NUKE IT!
    My good buddy, Dave Dawes, wanted to send me a million bucks. Three problems – I don’t know any Dave Dawes, Dave Dawes’ Email address was DAVEDAWET@ (meaning he doesn’t know how to spell his own name), and the “received from” country code was IN for India, despite the fact Dave was supposedly from the UK.
    They’re always trying something…..

  2. My hubby has also been the recipient of this kind of “windfall.” In his case, a long lost uncle was living in Africa & had died, leaving us some money. We needed to provide our banking information so they could transfer the money to our account. This was so laughable because my husband has a VERY German sounding last name, so if we honestly had any relatives by the same name we would certainly know about them. We didn’t try to claim our inheritance.

    • I’m glad you didn’t try to claim it. But it is amazing that people will fall for scams like this even when it involves “relatives” that they really know they don’t have – greed is a powerful motivator!

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