4 thoughts on “Another Month, Another Fact Filled Tuesday

  1. Te one that stuck out for me was the Nutella, for a memorable experience I had with another substitute. The wife and I were visiting Ottawa, and stopped through a local chain grocery store for some supplies. I am a disinterested shopper at best, so I was wandering around in the area where my wife was looking for some coffee. I was glancing past the various jars when I saw the gourmet coffee group, and right in the middle, was a fancy-shmancy coffee substitute for those who couldn’t handle the acidity of real coffee. The stuff was the EXACT recipe the Germans used for “ersatz” (substitute) coffee in WW2 – in the GOURMET section! I was standing in a grocery store, ROARING with laughter, barely able to explain it to my wife (who busted out laughing as well), with everyone else – especially the staff – staring at us as if we’d lost our minds! 😀
    Some great items in this one, my friend. Special kudos for the AT&T hacker – I heard about it from my dad, who was working for Illinois Bell (later absorbed into Ameritech) at the time.

    • Thanks John, good comment. Love the Canadian story. There is a word to describe ersatz coffee, but ‘gourmet’ wouldn’t be it 🙂 .

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