There Comes A Time When Zero Tolerance Is The Only Option

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Time for another rant, now known as the Sunday Sermon.


For many years there has been an influx of Muslims into Western countries like, for example, America and Britain. And for years these people arrived and set to work to provide a better life for their families, which was reason they chose our countries in the first place.

Sometimes we treated them with respect. At other times their treatment was not so welcoming. But the vast majority accepted things as they were and worked hard, with the result that they did make a better life for themselves.

However, now all of a sudden, because of the rants of a few demented and evil clerics who have corrupted the words of Allah and the meaning of the Koran, some Muslims are now offended by everything, including the very presence of the citizens of the countries they have chosen to come and live among.

How absurd is that?

Worse, however, is that we are supposed to pander to this nonsense and tippy toe around them afraid to do or say anything in case it will be distorted and manufactured into something offensive.

And if we don’t?

Well then they will cut our head’s off in the middle of a street and stand bragging about it afterwards.

That is exactly what happened in London this week when Drummer Lee Rigby, a British soldier, was first knocked down by a car driven by two blood-thirsty killers and then decapitated as he lay helpless on the street.  

murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby
murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby

On any scale of things that are offensive, it just doesn’t get any more offensive than that.

Yet we are supposed to tolerate the intolerable and excuse the inexcusable!

Let’s get real folks.

Some things are unacceptable in western society. And if you choose to live in western society then you live by our rules, not yours.

When I visit a Muslim country where, for example, drinking alcohol is forbidden, I don’t put on the pretense of being offended, I don’t whine about my rights being denied, in fact I don’t complain at all. I am in their country, those are their rules, and while I am there I am happy to respect them and abide by them.

Why is there no reciprocal respect any more?

And even more to the point, why is that reciprocal respect not demanded?

We have allowed our politicians to cloud the issue by blundering about in foreign lands. They say they are doing it to fight terrorism and protect us, but in reality it has much more to do with securing commodities and distracting us from much more serious economic problems they have created at home.

Politicians manipulate their people by creating ‘bogey men’ and fomenting fear where none should really exist. They do it, not for the benefit of their constituents, but for their own self promotion and their attempt to cling on to power. It happens in every country, east or west, north or south, and it has been happening for centuries.

And what is happening to elements of the Muslim population today is no different. In their case the manipulation is made slightly easier because the evil clerics are able to deceive their largely uneducated and ignorant followers with the promise of seventy virgins and a place in heaven if they either kill themselves or other innocent people – preferably both at the same time. Strange, if the reward is so great, that you never see the clerics themselves pushing to the front of the queue to participate!  

There is a horrible trend nowadays that standards must be allowed to come down to the lowest level. Exams in schools and degrees at universities have to be made easier and easier to pass, lest some be deemed not to have qualified. Everyone has to be treated as a potential terrorist at airports in case selective targeting of possible suspects be labeled as racial or ethnic profiling. And every effort has to be made try to understand and excuse the criminals in our society who prey on the law-abiding.

We have completely lost our way. And the only solution is to take a stand on these important issues. Try to be nice, and understanding, and liked by everyone and you doom yourself and your society. There comes a time when the proverbial line has to be drawn in the sand. And there comes a time when zero tolerance is the only option.

That time is now!




11 thoughts on “There Comes A Time When Zero Tolerance Is The Only Option

  1. We have been taught to respect the rules of your host, when you are in their house. These booboo think that their rules should apply when they are in our house. I vote for a fast marched trial and fast walk them to a public execution, just like the trial that they would get in their homeland.

  2. I was taught to value each person on their merits. In my most recent contra-temps with a neighbour who believed a shared driveway meant he tore it up and I fixed it, my pastor told me I should “assume everything he did was right, and see his viewpoint”. In other words, I bought the wrong car 25 years ago, because my Cavalier can’t tolerate the same level of drive damage as his Suburban!
    Respect. Respect others as you would have them respect you. Don’t do to others something you wouldn’t want done to you. Regardless of your political, religious, financial, or child rearing beliefs.
    Hmm …. sounds an AWFUL lot like some really old quote I heard once: “Do unto others….”

    • Not sure what to make of that. I’m all for the doing unto others philosophy and to value each person on their merits. That’s a good foundation on which to base your life. But to assume that everything the other person does is right is nonsense. There’s right and there is wrong and there is good and there is evil – and most important of all you have to be able to tell the difference and act accordingly.

      • That’s what I meant – my pastor was trying to claim that everything my neighbor did was innocent and I just couldn’t see the reason why. And there IS some truth to that – the guy was clueless, so totally clueless, he got into a fight with his rental agent, and the rental agent banned him from the driveway! Gee, the guy who SHOULD be on your side thinks you did wrong? Hint? Clue?
        And yes, as that great old (but source-debated) quote goes, “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. My pastor would rather do nothing. I’d rather stand in the guy’s face and say “I don’t give a crap, no further”.
        Based on my standing and his standing (or lack thereof) in the town, I’d have to say most people here agree with me – but are too dang lazy to do anything themselves. That’s okay, we Chicagoans LIVE to fight with numbskull neighbours! 😀

  3. A very well written post, and though we may disagree on some points, it seems we agree on many others. The horrendous murder of the British soldier is completely and entirely inexcusable. Those responsible should be quietly tried, though from what I understand they’ve publicly confessed, even boasted, their crime. They should then be imprisoned away somewhere never to be heard from again. Any more public attention paid to this insanity would only serve the purpose of the murderer and those he follows even further. Attention is not a deterrent to those of this level of depravity, it is the goal.

    • You are absolutely right about the attention seeking part, same for all acts of terror. I hope in this case they are thrown in jail without any long preamble through the courts, they were seen doing it and they bragged about it afterwards so it should be a slam dunk if ever there was one.

      • Thrown unceremoniously in to prison and isolation provided with the bare minimum required to sustain life. We do have to feed them, of course, and may I suggest their first mean to be a nice ham sandwich. As for appeals, sure in all fairness, they should be granted appeals – the exact same number of appeals they granted their victim.

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