More Dumb Quiz Show Answers

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


I thought we were coming to an end of these, but it seems there are still a few more intellectual gems to be discovered.

Have a look at this latest selection from the quiz show contestants who should have stayed at home.




Q:  In botany, what is the scientific term for a plant that lives for more than two years?

A:  A tree

Yosemite NP - Giant Sequoia - California Tree



Q:  What “E” is the world’s highest mountain?

A:  Everglades




Q:  George Bernard Shaw called this condition “the greatest of evils and the worst of crimes.”

A:  What is marriage?




Q:  Name a country in South America

A:  Africa

A:  Rio De Janeiro

A:  Spain

A:  Fiji

A:  Armenia

A:  Saudi Arabia



Q:  Name something you squeeze

A:  Peanut butter



Q:  Name a planet you recognize just by looking at a picture of it

A:  The Moon



Q:  Name something you often misplace in your car

A:  Steering wheel

steering wheel


Q:  Besides an airplane, name something man-made that flies

A:  A jet

cartoon jet


Q:  Name something that doesn’t work without water

A:  Ice cream cone




Q:  Name a noisy bird

A:  Chipmunk



Q:  Name something a duck and a chicken have in common

A:  They quack

quack s doodle doo


Q:  Name a happy occasion where you feel a little let down when it’s over

A:  Funeral

Cartoon funeral


Q:  Name a male dancer

A:  Betty Grable



Q:  The birthday that men dread the most

A:  Their wife’s

wife's birthday


Q:  Name a children’s story about an animal

A:  David and Goliath

David Goliath cartoon


Q:  Something that’s murder to clean up when you spill it           

A:  Blood



Q:  Name a measurement of time

A:  Watch



Q:  Something associated with Cuba

A:  It’s in South America



Q:  Name a movie with the word “King” in it

A:  King Dracula





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