Do You Have To Fail A Test To Get On These Programs?

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Another round of answers given by less than smart contestants on television and radio quiz shows.

It all makes me wonder what test do you have to do to get on these shows?

And does passing rule you out of taking part in the programs?




Q: Name a city in Arizona          

A: Tampa Bay

Q: Someone, living or dead, many people hate  

A: Rodney Dangerfield   

Q: Name a foreign country that you would want to visit  

A: Pakistan

Q: Name a holiday named after a person           

A: January

A: Easter

Q: The perfect dessert for a supermodel           

A: Chocolate Cake

A: Brownies      

Q: The most famous Disney character, other than Mickey Mouse

A: The road runner

Q: Name a city that begins with “San”    

A: Seattle

Q: An occupation requiring a college degree      

A: Vice president          

Q: An animal that starts with “D,” besides “dog”

A: Dragon

A: Dachshund   

Q: Name something people buy to impress other people           

A: Motorhome   

Q: The most enjoyable award show on television           

A ……….Family Feud (She heard “game show”)  

Q: Name a country in Africa      

A: South America

Q: Name something people drink when they have a cold

A: Vick’s

Q: Name a city named after a president 

A: Carson City  

Q: Name a man’s “best friend”  

A: Rubies



And then I found this. Sorry!

13 thoughts on “Do You Have To Fail A Test To Get On These Programs?

  1. HEY! A dragon IS an animal that starts with “D”, and don’t EVER let me hear you say differently! And I’m sure there’s lots of people who want to go to Pakistan – but do you have any idea how hard it is to fold and pack Kevlar? 😉
    Seriously, didn’t Nyquil start out with the “Vick’s” name on it? I never believed that the stuff actually cured any symptoms, it was just a devious way to allow folk to get sauced legitimately! 😀

  2. From my school days:
    Q. The the country where the Dutch come from?
    A. Pennsylvania
    Another student raised his hand and said, Holland.
    Another student said, No, that’s where the Hollandaise come from.
    Another student said, Neatherlands.
    Another said, No, one of them has got to be right.

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