Questions That Should Never Have Been Asked

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


I have been featuring a lot of questions that no one asked but that needed asking.

Stupid people, however, tend to get worried about things that don’t matter and ask questions that don’t need to be asked. They are obviously important to them, but not to anyone else.

Here are some stupid questions asked by stupid people about stupid things.

Do yourself a favor and just read these and (hopefully) have a laugh. Do not try to figure out why they were asked or what they mean. If you get too far inside the mind of a moron you may never make it back out again!



Does anyone know the brand of soap Deer don’t like that I can put around my garden to keep them out?



What mother sauce does Alfredo come from?

Alfredo Sauce


Is there any relation between cool music and rain?



What is the opposite of science?

scientists chalk cheese


What are the three essential parts of a crisis?

3 essential parts of a crisis


If someone you loved turned into a zombie, would you be able to put them out of their misery?



What determines the life span of animals?



Which kind of cheating is the worst?

monica and bill


Why are so many more people allergic to cats than to dogs?



Would you eat steak made from human excrement?



How long does a mature worm live?

cartoon worm



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