Happy New Year And Thirteen Questions To Start Off 2013

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Well, we made it. We have successfully traveled through time and here we are in 2013. Yippeee and all that.

So a very Happy New Year to one and all.

And to get us off to an easy start here are thirteen simple questions, well questions anyhow, to ease us into 2013.




If any word should be spelled the way it sounds it should be “phonetic”, so why isn’t it?

phonetic alphabet

And why is “abbreviation” such a long word?

why is abbreviation such a long word?


Can fat people go skinny-dipping?

cartoon fat people skinny dipping


How do they get a deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

deer crossing


Why is experience always what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted?



If a funeral procession is at night, do folks drive with their lights off?

snowman funeral 


Whose cruel idea was it for the word “lisp” to have an “s” in it?


What hair color do they put on the drivers licenses of bald men?

 hair dye for bald men


If the person who plays the piano is called a pianist, why is the person who drives a racecar not called a racist?

 racist pianist


Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, “I think I’ll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink what ever comes out”?



When you put ‘THE’ and ‘IRS’ together, it forms ‘THEIRS’. Coincidence? I think not?



Why are rubber duckies yellow when most real duckies aren’t?

rubber duckie 


Why do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front?




12 thoughts on “Happy New Year And Thirteen Questions To Start Off 2013

  1. I have often wondered why they make sick people walk all the way to the back to get their prescriptions especially when I am slowly making my way to the prescription counter to get pain meds I need to be able to walk? A local Rexall has put a drive thru for prescription pick up & I love it. Unfortunately, you still have to walk all the way to the counter to drop off a prescription, but once they have it, bob’s your uncle! Happy New Year!

    • They probably want the drugs as far away as possible to deter thieves, but like everything else they punish the innocent too. But there’s no reason why they couldn’t have a prescription drop off counter close to the entrance.Maybe drop them a hint!
      Happy New Year 2 U 2!

      • Problem with your idea is they would have to have a pharmacy technician to man the counter, so they can ask you questions. I don’t think it would work, more’s the shame!

  2. Duckies are yellow so you can see (and avoid) them in Sydney Harbour. 😉
    Bald men are told to put down their hair colour when they had hair. That’s what Ohio told me. Despite the fact that if I DID have any hair, it would be grey, not my original brown. 😯
    Here’s hoping the New Year is treating you well!

    • What a dumb law, you might as well have a photo on your license of what you looked like when you were twenty years younger! Good one!! 🙂

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