3 thoughts on “Oldsmobile Toronado

  1. Not just any 1977 Olds Toronado here, but one of the 3 only ever built, Experimental Prototype Toronado XSR’s with on board Electric sliding T-top roof/glass panels: which slid in-board and stored overtop one another at the center T-bar. This is one of the 3 XSR’s built and one of two known to still exsist today. This red car and a Silver one are the only two surviving original Toronado XSR’s ever built.

    • just a side note: This photo was taken in August of 1976 when the prototype was obviously still new, note Spirit of 76 Michigan Manufacturer license plate. One of three VERY special Oldsmobile Toronado’s by the greatest manufacturer of our time… Only in an OLDS! 1897-2004 NEVER Forgotten!

      • Ben, two excellent additions to this post. Thank you very much for visiting and for taking the time to send this additional information.

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