Presidential Election – As Seen In Taiwan

Hi folks, just a little additional blog post for today. I don’t do this very often, only when I come across something that isn’t really substantial enough for a full post, but which I nevertheless find amusing.

So here is a short video of hos they saw the recent US Presidential Election in Taiwan.

Pity it hadn’t really been like this.


4 thoughts on “Presidential Election – As Seen In Taiwan

  1. Okay, two questions here. (Only two? ONLY?!? 😀 ) First off, why was Obama being paid in Euros? And second, where the heck can I get a couple of those Guinness glasses – preferably filled? 😉
    (I’ll give you the dino distraction was … bizarre, but even though I have no clue WHY they were there, I’d like to see more of the surfing chicks!)

    • The Euro thing was as bizarre as the dinos so I have no idea why they were there. But the surfing chicks and a healthy measure of Guinness were quite acceptable.

  2. If only some of the other countries to get some of your programming weren’t subjected to all your election advertising! Then we could think the same way as Taiwan.

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