Today Was Either A Post-Election Post About Politics Or Show You Some Photos – Guess Which One I Chose?

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


You lucky people!

Yes, for today let’s forget about politics and the looming fiscal cliff toward which we all now seem to be heading and do something a little unusual for this blog – look at some photos.  

I like to take photos, and I’m not the worst photographer in the world but I’m not the greatest either, not by a long way, and I don’t seem to often find myself in ‘the right place at the right time’ to get award winning shots.

Other people, however, do. And I collect some of them and use them as wallpaper on my computer screen.

Here’s a selection of my favorites, some to make you smile, some to make you cry, but all of them impressive in their own way. Unfortunately I don’t know the source of most of these otherwise I would happily acknowledge them.

Hope at least some of them are new to you and that you like them too. 



2007_1203 Winter Wonder Land 012

boat tropical clear water

Look what Santa brought for Christmas

Nature takes over

Floral arch

Reflections on a life

Oh my goodness!

Lost opportunity

Climbing high


Did you hear about what happened in number 42?


Take me to your leader

A bird in the hand

The beauty of nature



Old life and new

Art imitates nature

Scaring you scaring me


14 thoughts on “Today Was Either A Post-Election Post About Politics Or Show You Some Photos – Guess Which One I Chose?

  1. I’ve actually seen that second one (with the rowboat in the foreground) somewhere else. And I love the ones with soldiers, especially the old vet wearing his medals. Any idea from where? I’m betting Russia – not only do they encourage veterans to wear their medals, but during the Soviet regime, it was expected!
    Good stuff!

    • The old vet is a good one. I would think either Russia or some of the Eastern European countries. I also like the Santa one as well. Glad you liked them.

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