Unexpected Answers From Minds That Don’t Quite Work As Intended – Yes, Quiz Show Monday

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”

Yes, another Monday and time for more of those unexpected answers from minds that don’t quite work as intended – even by their owners!



Q: Name something that you wanted to do as a kid, but your parents wouldn’t let you

A: Have a snake

cartoon snake.


Q: An occupation in which people cover their faces

A: Model

model with face hidden.


Q: Name a food used to describe a person

A: A dog

scared dog.


Q: Name a food you wish was healthy for you

A: Ketchup

cartoon ketchup.


Q: The bad habit you’d most like to get rid of

A: Picking nose

Pick Me.


Q: An expression that means “getting married”

A: Rendezvous



Q: Name a high school class people might actually enjoy going to

A: Beverly Hills



Q: Name a food that comes smoked

A: Tobacco



Q: Name something a bricklayer uses

A: Spatula

bricklayer at work.


Q: Name a slang word for “man”

A: Homeboy



Q: Name a famous Biblical twosome

A: Ralph and Susie



Q: Name something you’d find in an operating room

A: Operator



Q: How many times per day you look in the mirror

A: Twenty

looking in mirror.


Q: Name a character from a horror movie that reminds you of some of your dates

A: Loch Ness Monster
A: Incredible Hulk



Q: Name a food that can be brown or white

A: Potatoes



Q: Name a day of the year when you want to be with friends

A: December



Q: Name a gift that might be insulting if a woman received it from her mother-in-law

A: Shoes



Q: Name a tall tourist attraction

A: Disneyland



Q: Your wife’s most unappealing habit (asked to 100 married men)

A: Picking her feet

picking feet - most annoying habit
picking feet – most unappealing habit





11 thoughts on “Unexpected Answers From Minds That Don’t Quite Work As Intended – Yes, Quiz Show Monday

  1. This was your scariest one yet! SO many of those actually work – assuming you have a twisted sens of humour like me!
    Now, Ralph and Susie – was that before or after Deuteronomy? 😀

  2. Well the funny thing is I have a pet snake (I think you know that) now if you’ll excuse, me I have to cover my face whilst I pick my toes with a spatula…or is that nose?

    • I’ll let you into a secret. To most men (the exception being those with some sort of weird foot fetish) picking of feet or noses is equally unattractive. So why do it so publicly? Is it some sort of test??

      • ahaha! i don’t do you? the funnier thing is when i’m driving and someone in another car apparently under the assumption they are invisible is digging their eye out! just makes me want to hurl…

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