Forget Gangnam, Here Is A Little Musical Interlude – Fasab Style

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


I’ve been feeling a little bit guilty ever since I inflicted Mrs Miller upon you (sorry about that, but click here if you don’t know what I am talking about or, and this is unlikely, you want to hear her again – Mrs Miller).

So to help to redeem myself here is a little musical interlude for the weekend. Not the typical selection – we don’t do typical selections on the fasab blog – but nothing as bad a Mrs Miller. In fact, although unusual, some of it is pretty good.

I hope you enjoy.






Bits of Pipe




Glass Harp






The kitchen sink ?????


Hang drum




And finally, one for you Frank

18 thoughts on “Forget Gangnam, Here Is A Little Musical Interlude – Fasab Style

  1. Bravo! Tough to pick my favs, but I tend to marvel at percussion, although my background is with brass. The hip-hop drummers were awesome. Blue Man Group is a long-time fav (seen two shows), that carillon was intriguing … and yes, there is a carillon close to us, thus have attended a concert. Thanks for the shout out, too!

    • I thought they were all interesting in their own ways. The hip hop drummers were great and I saw the BMG when they were in the Luxor in Vegas but I came out of the show not knowing quite how to describe it to others – just told them it was worth going to see!
      Also thought the ukulele orchestra was interesting.
      Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the show 😉

    • 🙂 Very good!
      And saying as you are into percussion I’ll see your one string willy (if you’ll pardon the expression) and raise you a drummer with no hands.

  2. Yes – thanks for the show! You have redeemed yourself from Mrs. Miller. I went straight for the glass harp but then viewed all of them. Even liked the hip hop drummers.

  3. Yeesh! Hammered dulcimers! Lord, EVERY friggin’ Renn Faire I’ve ever been to has HORDES of ’em. They’re not bad her and there, but as a steady diet? AAUUGGHH!!!
    Okay, I’m better now. 😉
    I never realised there was an “instrument” called a carillon. I’ve heard the term used as a substitute for “bell tower” when there’s multiple bells in the tower – like at West Point or out in San Fran. Thanks for that bit of enlightenment!

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