The Meaning Within, Or Is It? Anyway Here Are Some More Anagrams

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Another Sunday, another selection of those word puzzles called anagrams. Hope you find at least one or two that you like. 





Op: loin is cut.




sad brat



‘archbishop of Canterbury’

Preach choirboy brats fun



‘Donald Rumsfeld’

Muddler of lands



‘the rolling stones’

Hell! Rotting noses!



‘White House Scandal’

What is “head” counsel?



‘Apple, Inc’

Epic Plan



‘George Bush and Saddam Hussein’

Baghdad is madness sure enough!



‘The Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor)’

I’m eager. I’ll creep in bush undergrowth, sit, chat to plant, hope for answer!



‘Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe’

Two-chinned Doberman.’



‘Americas first moon landing’

Grand-scale misinformation!




Idea count




to undo evil







‘the countryside’ 

no city dust here




in came dictator



‘One good turn deserves another’

Do rogues endorse that? No, never!


5 thoughts on “The Meaning Within, Or Is It? Anyway Here Are Some More Anagrams

  1. I liked the last one. And “no city dirt here”? Well, I’ve been gassed by diesel-spewing buses, and gassed by the manure trucks spreading in the fields, and I’ll take the dang bus ANY time! 😀
    And the only thing worse than the fresh manure burning your eye sockets out, is driving by one of the many chicken farms (think more of “chicken factories”) in this area. Take the most disgusting thing you’ve ever smelled, multiply it by a thousand, and that’s what you smell driving by WITH THE WINDOWS UP AND THE A/C ON MAX!! 😯

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