It’s Monday Again, And You Know What That Means…. More Stupid Quiz Show Answers

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Hi everyone, yes it’s Monday again and time for another selection of stupid quiz show answers.

Are you depressed at the horrendous level of stupidity out there in the big wide world, or just happy that you are a lot smarter then these guys? I mean, who could ever forget “Smelly Kelly”? 

Either way I hope you enjoy today’s bunch.




Q: Name a time when people wake up   

A: Morning



Q: Name a sport people play by themselves      

A: Video games



Q: The state with the best beaches        

A: Los Angeles



Q: Name something a husband asks his wife to carry in her purse          

A: Condoms



Q: Name something a woman likes a man to have that begins with the letter M    

A: Makeup



Q: Name a Southern city           

A: Georgia



Q: Name a subject people discuss on their first date      

A: Sex 



Q: Name something an airline passenger might be holding during a bumpy flight

A: A lucky rabbit’s foot  



Q: Name something about Dr. Phil that comedians make fun of 

A: His contestants



Q: Name a famous Kelly           

A: Kelly “Ripka”

A: “Smelly Kelly”



Q: Name a sure cure for a hangover      

A: Making love 



Q: Name a famous Christina     

A: Christina the car



Q: Name a food with an edible skin       

A: Banana



Q: The night with the worst TV programs




Q: Name something you put in tea        

A: Tea bag



Q: Name a place where you might see a dead body       

A: Your house  



Q: Name a job around the house that has to be done every fall  

A: Spring cleaning



Q: An occupation considered to be un-masculine           

A: Truck driver  



Q: Name something dogs can do better than people      

A: Pee 



Q: The longest amount of time you have spent without talking to your spouse    

A: 20 minutes   






11 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again, And You Know What That Means…. More Stupid Quiz Show Answers

    • A good question. My experience has been that really stupid people are so stupid they don’t realize how stupid they are, in fact a lot of them think they are quite smart.

      I’m reminded of the joke about the bureaucrat who is rubbing ointment on his elbow.
      “Tennis elbow?” inquires another.
      “No, piles,” he replies.

  1. Making love is a cure for a hangover? DANG! All those wasted days … well, being wasted. NOW you tell me! 😀
    And I don’t know if dogs pee BETTER than humans, but they sure as heck have more fun with it! (Until your male puppy, having just learned how to lift his leg, pee, and maintain his balance all at the same time, gets blown over by a gust of wind. Gives a new meaning to the term “pissed off” – or “pissed on”. 😉 )

    • LOL Re the hangover cure, you live and learn. Dunno whether it works, but it’s worth a try… or two.
      Like the idea of the poor doggie getting blown over in mid pee. I guess not to piss into the wind is something us men folk learn from an early age.

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