Another Selection Of Anagrams

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Last week’s selection of anagrams prompted a challenge to do one about ‘Clint Eastwood’ that included the word ‘stool’ in reference to his recent debacle at the Republican Party’s shin-dig in Florida. The best one I could come up with was – ‘Stool tactic a downer’ – but if you can do better please have a go by all means.

Meantime here is another selection for (I hope) your enjoyment and amusement.



‘federal bureau of investigation’

If found alive, abuse, interrogate!



‘washington dc’

Don’t shag in WC



‘princess diana’

Ascend in Paris



‘Microsoft Frontpage Technical Support’           

Oops, if PC falters contact or ring them up



‘Microsoft technical support’

Con, from culprit’s pathetic OS



‘Microsoft Incorporated’

Aim: no cost, record profit!



‘Microsoft Incorporated’

Moronic code rats profit



‘The Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor)’

E.R. recalls his torment, huge ears flapping about in the wind. Poor wretch!



‘Liposuction surgery’

Super, young clitoris



 ‘Author George Orwell’

Wrote “Hog-Rule Galore!”



‘The President Of The United States Of America, George Walker Bush’

The twit threatens Baghdad. (To make sure of oil preference, I guess!)



‘The USA President George Bush’

Bugger the one stupid ass here!



‘George Walker Bush, President of the United States of America’

Damn! Result is garbage, takes pretender to White House office



‘The Terrorist Osama Bin Laden’

Arab monster is no idle threat



‘Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden’

Bad human demon and ideal assassin.



‘Dan Brown, writer of the Da Vinci Code.’

Torrid wand of a bewitched conniver



‘Hamas wins election’

New hostile maniacs



‘The first moon landing’

Grand hit on film-set, No?




6 thoughts on “Another Selection Of Anagrams

  1. I know this isn’t an anagram, but reading your post made me think of acronyms (a semi-homonym), in particular when I worked for Ameritech. They had TONS of them, including one that had me scratching my head – POTS. Primary Onsite Telephone System? Preferred Operator Transport Switch? Any of a million other combinations of techno-babble?
    Nope. POTS. “Plain Old Telephone Service”. They had a bloody acronym for regular home telephone lines! 😯
    By the way, LOVED Microsoft Technical Support! You know why they called the CPU chip Pentium, instead of a 586 (the previous one being 486)? Because when you add 100 to 486 on a Pentium chip, you get 585.99948712! (A reference to the early math problems with the Pentium.) 😀
    Yeah, that one flopped. Kinda punchy from managing blog comments – but grateful for the HUGE influx on opening week!

    • I like acronyms too, especially some of the guff the military uses.
      As for the help support, some of them don’t know their ASCII from their elbow.
      Glad you still have time to visit, don’t work too hard.

  2. I love anagrams. Here are two of my own.
    1. A man broke his abacus.
    [Barack Hussein Obama]
    2. Wait! Drill it on my term.
    [Willard Mitt Romney].
    The second anagram can also be rendered; Ill draw it on my term.
    . . . . . . . .
    Thanks folks.

    • Welcome to the fasab blog. Hope you find the time to call in often. Glad you like the anagrams. There are more in the archives and I have another small selection for tomorrow. Thanks for these contributions too. The Obama one is extremely good and the way the guy is spending money, probably true.

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