More Moron Madness For Monday

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Crikey! Not only has another Monday arrived with us but now we’re into September, summer is winding down and Autumn beginning. Personally I prefer the Spring time when everything is coming back to life rather than shutting down, but we have to take what we get.

Hope another selection from the quiz show answers archive helps your mood for the beginning of another week.




Q: Name a seafood that comes in a can, besides tuna   

A: Albacore

A: Chicken of the Sea   



Q: Name something worn only by children         

A: Clothes        



Q: The birthday that men dread the most           

A: Their wife’s  



Q: An activity that is both healthy and fun          

A: Sex



Q: Name a kind of bank that doesn’t deal with money    

A: Sperm         



Q: An attraction you see in every parade           

A: Merry-go-round         



Q: Name something you put in empty coffee cans         

A: Spaghetti



Q: Name a reason you might stay inside on a beautiful day        

A: It’s raining    



Q: Name a children’s story about an animal       

A: David and Goliath     



Q: Name a famous woman you wouldn’t want to see wearing a thong     

A: Sally the hippo         



Q: Name something you hear at a New Year’s Eve party 

A: Gunfire

A: A parade



Q: Name a farm animal that people have as a pet          

A: Turkey         



Q: Name something you rent for one day          

A: A stripper     



Q: An occupation where someone wears a robe at work 

A: Prostitute



Q: Name something you associate with the Dallas Cowboys      

A: Cowboy hats



Q: The most lovable breed of dog        

A: Kitten          



Q: Name something associated with Cuba         

A: It’s in South America



Q: Name a character from the movie Aladdin     

A: Jihad



Q: Name a Jewish person that had a great impact on society     

A: Mussolini     



Q: Name a movie with the word “King” in it         

A: King Dracula



Q: Name a measurement of time           

A: Watch



Q: One thing people do to imitate a dog when playing charades 

A: Lift their leg  



Q: An appliance you should definitely keep your fingers out of  

A: Dishwasher  



Q: Name something you think that all drivers, except you, should get a ticket for doing   

A: Driving on the median           



Q: An animal that starts with the letter A 

A: Arachnophobia



Q: Somewhere a man might go after he gets divorced   

A: Go buy a car



Q: Name something celebrities might be embarrassed to endorse on a commercial         

A: Name a douche        



Q: An occupation whose members must get tired of smiling       

A: Game show host      



Q: An Olympic sport starting with ‘S’     

A: Skydiving     



Q: Name something that might be a pizza topping in a horror movie       

A: Feces




17 thoughts on “More Moron Madness For Monday

  1. As hilarious as these are, some of them are also very accurate. I can imagine one would not want to rent a stripper for more than a day, rainy days can be quite beautiful, and sex is definitely both fun and healthy. 😉

  2. Not sure about that birthday one, my wife is pretty easy on me for birthdays (not that we’re worried that much about our ages, we’d just rather let ’em slip by unnoticed). The pain was always my mother – no matter how much you try, or it might be needed, there just ain’t anything celebratory about a toaster oven! 😀
    Skydiving in the Olympics? Maybe as one of those combo sports. You know, skydive biathlon? Last guy down wins, and you get a 6-shot firearm to get the other competitors down first? (Yeah, that probably won’t work – I’ve been trying to combine shooting and hurdles for years. I figure you already got people hopping over stuff, why not give ’em a better reason than some stupid wooden
    constructs? 😉 )

      • Shoes? SHOES?!? Dude, she wears a lady’s size 3, triple X wide! She can actually wear kids’ size 5 – they fit better! Honest-to-God, the boxes the shoes come in would fit better. On the VERY rare occasions she can find a pair to fit, she jumps on them immediately. I think we’d do better, assuming she could tolerate them, to get wooden shoes made by a local Amish carpenter! 😀
        It used to be easy when we first met, but after 23 years with her (20 married, in about a week), just how many swords CAN you buy a woman? (Seriously, I’m asking – is 10 considered too many? 15? HELP!!)

      • 😀 Acually, that was strangely on the mark. See, we each keep a weapon handy, in case somebody breaks in. (Mine is a fairly normal-looking longsword, but made out of high-flex spring steel – you can bend it through over 40-degrees, without it snapping.) My wife prefers her katana by the back door.
        Sorry to “foil” your attempt at humour…… 😉

    • Not sure about the skydiving but the hurdle shooting idea might just work – just look at what John Wayne could do from the back of a galloping horse!

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