The Richest Nation The World Has Ever Known Has Become The Greatest Debtor The World Has Ever Known

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


****A Saturday rant****

One day this week, according to all reliable financial sources, the United States of America’s debt burden reaches the $16 trillion mark, or as close to it as makes no difference.

That’s $16,000,000,000,000.00

The richest nation the world has ever known has now become the greatest debtor the world has ever known.

And the problem which began to get seriously out of control under the Bush Presidency is still spiraling out of control under Obama’s regime.

go bananas
go bananas

To add a little perspective to the huge numbers, it took the United States government more than two hundred years to accumulate its first trillion dollars of debt, BUT it took only two hundred and eighty-six days for the most recent trillion dollars of debt to be added. And that was under the  “Yes We Can” and “Change” administration.

So what has changed?

Nothing much.

Yes we can what?

  • Borrow and borrow and borrow again?
  • Let the horrific bankster’s mess run on for a few more decades?
  • Dream up more and more new government programs that we cannot afford?
  • Leave future generations in so much debt that they will never and can never get out from under it, (because there won’t be enough money to pay the interest on the debt let alone repay it)?
  • Continue to stick our heads in the sand while other nations kick our ass?

As I write this I can hear the Fed’s printing presses clunking away producing more new dollars out of thin air, which they will distribute through the banks  –  who will keep most of the money instead of releasing it to individuals and businesses to stimulate the economy and create employment.

Sadly, not only is the nation bankrupt, but the politicians who govern it are too  –  bankrupt of good ideas, intelligence and common sense. Their mentality is, ‘if something isn’t working, don’t change it, just do more of it’.  (Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!)

Their ultimate solution will be, as it inevitably always is – more taxes and more control! Just wait for those shoes to drop.

In the US, Hawaii and Florida are the only states that grow bananas. I suggest that they start looking for ways to up production because that is the type of republic the politicians seem hell bent turning us into!

****End rant****

naked banana
naked banana


5 thoughts on “The Richest Nation The World Has Ever Known Has Become The Greatest Debtor The World Has Ever Known

  1. You know, back in the 80s when I first started working, I sat down one time with a financial expert. (A VERY decent guy – my parents’ broker, and a straight shooter. Truly rare.) It was my habit, in those days, to pay all my bills on time, and with cash or check. He councilled me to get a credit card, and moreso, run a balance on it. Why would I want to do that? To establish a credit history, to show that I could pay my bills. No, carrying NO debt and paying everything ON TIME (if not early) was considered bad, but carrying a credit card balance made you credit worthy.
    WTF?!? Yeah – with that kind of thinking, 30 years ago, is it any surprise we’re in the boat we are today?
    And thank you for not having those images animated. I hate watching a banana peel. (What’s a naked girl and a banana have in common? They both have appeal. 😀 )

    • Thanks. Good comments. I absolutely HATE credit histories and the dorks at the companies that compile them. It’s a very destructive system and we have seen over the past few years that credit rating agencies ratings are meaningless. Triple ‘A’ my ass! Whoops ranting again :o()

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