Hurrah! It’s Another Meet More Morons Monday!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Yes, Monday has rolled round again. And that means it’s time to meet more morons from the quiz show answers archive.

As always, a warning to those of a nervous disposition – this post contains some extreme stupidity, so handle with care.




Q: Like “sugar bowl”, a bowl that’s named for the substance it contains    

A: Toilet bowl



Q: Name something your body has that begins with the letter “L”

A: Lice 



Q: Name something that makes you feel uneasy all day long if you forget to do it in the morning

A: Get dressed 



Q: Name a vegetable you stuff 

A: Brussels sprouts

A: Watermelon 



Q: Name a kind of place where it’s smart to know where the exits are      

A: Church         



Q: Name something a man might buy his girlfriend a pair of       

A: Boobs



Q: Name an expensive holiday, besides Christmas        

A: Wedding      



Q: What is a slang name for policeman?

A: Dick



Q: What is something that you have to do to get your husband’s attention during the Super Bowl?          

A: Take off your clothes



Q: What is the longest you’ve ever been on the telephone?

A: Alaska         



Q: Name a real or fictional, a famous Willie        

A: Willie-the-Pooh         



Q: Name a beverage you stir before drinking     

A: Water          



Q: Name a food that makes noise when you eat it          

A: A really loud hamburger         



Q: Name something a duck and a chicken have in common        

A: They quack  



Q: Name another word for sleep

A: Sleeping

A: A coma



Q: What is a slang word for “wife”?       

A: Bitch           



Q: Name something that is transplanted

A: Brain



Q: Name a noisy bird    

A: Chipmunk    



Q: Name something you would cheat on if you knew you wouldn’t get caught     

A: Family Feud 



Q: Name a street name that is common to cities all over the US  

A: Hollywood Boulevard 



Q: Name something you tune    

A: Fish 



Q: What shouldn’t you do in someone else’s car?          

A: Pass gas

A: Get arrested



Q: Name a game played on a table besides cards         

A: Poker          



Q: Name something you rent for a party

A: Food



Q: Name a party game that would be more fun to play in the nude          

A: Monopoly

A: Chess          



Q: Name a vegetable you marinate        

A: Grapes        



Q: Name something you’d hate to discover was living in your attic          

A: Furniture      



Q: Name something Russia is famous for          

A: Russians     



Q: Name a farm animal that the farmer may grow so fond of, he might not want to eat it  

A: Dog



Q: Name something a teenage boy can do for hours      

A: Masturbate   






14 thoughts on “Hurrah! It’s Another Meet More Morons Monday!

  1. You had me at ‘Lice’ but then I kept reading and I tipped over at ‘Boobs’.

    ‘Dick’ was actually a correct answer I think, I know sounds wrong but a detective was called a ‘dick’.

    • LOL great comments, thank you. And glad you enjoyed this selection. I guess you are correct about ‘dicks’ although it’s used more for ‘private investigators’ than conventional policemen. It’s also quite appropriate for a lot of them!

  2. These are great! I agree with nabadip that Russia is indeed famous for it’s Russians. Finest Russians to be found anywhere and the size of the collection is quite impressive.

    I also agree that I’d hate to find furniture living in my attic….as this is clearly what the living room is for. Of course it would be preferable to Russians living in the attic, they would be quite crowded up there and don’t get me started on that all night long traditional folk dancing they’d be doing….

  3. In my opinion, just about ANY party game is more fun in the nude. Depending STRONGLY on the personnel playing, of course. And our well water must indeed be stirred before drinking, otherwise all the iron gets concentrated in the last swallow. Ever tried to drink an old car body? (I kid thee not – we have a whole-house filter, a water softener, AND Brita water filters, and I STILL have to clean the rust out of the water pitchers monthly. This ain’t hard water, it’s soft iron! 😀 )
    But my favourite is the exits one. I’d have to say it is FAR better knowing where the exits are in a church than in a plane, because planes rarely go down, but you’re stuck in church EVERY Sunday. (Yes, you may call me a heretic. You can call me just about anything, except late for dinner. [Rimshot.] )

    • LOL I think we need Frank back to explain how water is hard when you can stick your hand right through it. As for exit strategies, they’re important everywhere these days! Thanks for your comments.

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