Come On Down! It’s Another Quiz Show Answers Monday

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Another Monday has been thrust upon us, but we have to make the best of it and what better way to start the week than by looking at another selection of stupid answers given on tv quiz shows.

I hope there’s at least one or two in here to bring a smile.





Q: Name a part of your body that’s bigger than it was when you were 16.

A: Penis (A woman gave this answer!)



Q: Name something you might lose in a golf match       

A: Your pants   



Q: Name the movie where John Travolta gave his most memorable performance 

A: The John Travolta Biography 



Q: Name a word that starts with the letter Q       

A: Cute



Q: Name a signer of the Declaration of Independence    

A: Thomas Edison (You can imagine the light bulb coming on in his head)          



Q: Name a sophisticated city.   

A: Japan

A: France         



Q: Name something you wouldn’t use if it was dirty        

A: Toilet paper  



Q: Name someone a married man claims his mistress is when he’s caught in public with her

A: The cheerleader next door     



Q: Name something this country imports too much of    

A: Foreign goods          



Q: Name something that comes in twelves         

A: Dozens



Q: Name a reason a young man would want to marry Martha Stewart      

A: He’s gay



Q: Name a kind of bear

A: Papa Bear    



Q: Name a vegetable you’ve never eaten           

A: Cactus         



Q: Name something that lets a burglar know that a house is unoccupied 

A: No people in the house          



Q: Name the age which someone with good vision might need reading glasses   

A: 15   



Q: What is the most dangerous number (i.e. act) in the circus?   

A: 69



Q: Name something that might be a few weeks late        

A: Dying

A: Menstrual cycle



Q: Name something you put cinnamon on         

A: Butter          



Q: Name an occupation whose vehicles must always be ready to go      

A: Teacher       



Q: Name something Charlie Brown might do      

A: Snoopy


Q: Name something that can kill a lively party     

A: A gun          



Q: Name an article of clothing women buy for their husbands     

A: Halter tops   



Q: Name something someone does that annoys everyone in the room    

A: Fart 



Q: Name an animal that begins with the letter E  

A: Ecuador

A: Iguana

A: Eggplant      



Q: Besides America, a country starting with the letter “A.”           

A: Asia

A: Amsterdam  



Q: Name a state beginning with the letter “M”     

A: Mexico        



Q: Name a drink people mix with alcohol           

A: Rum



Q: Name something on an elephant that’s huge  

A: Butt 



Q: Name something that you buy and then have to take good care of it  

A: An infant      



Q: Name a gift you give that comes in a bottle  

A: Milk 


Remember the first one? Here it is on video!



10 thoughts on “Come On Down! It’s Another Quiz Show Answers Monday

    • LOL Let’s just put it down to great minds thinking alike – I forget the rest of that saying thank goodness. Thanks for visiting and for the comment.

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