Synchronized Grinning Is NOT A Sport, Olympic Or Otherwise

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


I was making a comment on a post by AFrankAngle yesterday concerning the Olympic Games  –  the ones that  open tomorrow, but started yesterday. Confused? You should be.


synchronized grins
synchronized grins


My contention was that synchronized grinning (okay, okay, swimming, but it was too good a line to waste) was not a sport, let alone an Olympic Sport. That’s not to say that it isn’t competitive, it is. Just that it is not a sport.

So why has it been included in the Olympics?

Simply because we have morons in charge of the Olympic Committees who decide such things.

Before anyone decides to hop, skip and jump to their defense, particularly over the synchronized swimming lark, think about this.

A few years ago, specifically in the Olympic Games held between 1984 and 1992, they also had the bright idea of including Solo Synchronized Swimming  –  which wasn’t a sport either.

It doesn’t take a giant intellect to realize that it is a challenge (i.e. not flipping possible) for a person swimming alone to be synchronized with someone else who is not there. The average person could figure that one out in under three minutes.

Yet it took the organizing idiots of the Olympic Committees three Games worth of years to figure it out.

I think solo synchronized swimming is what they call an oxymoron  –  and how very appropriate a name that is!

It wasn’t an isolated faux-pas either. They also tried underwater swimming in one Olympic games, but that was in the days before all-sorts-of-angle-tv coverage. They eventually figured out that it would be very unpopular with spectators coz no one could see anything! Maybe now with underwater cameras it could make a comeback, but let’s not encourage them.

And for a while other non-sport sports included Olympic Club Swinging, where the crazy participants swung a club around for a while. They didn’t let go of these things, which looked like bowling pins, or juggle with them which would have required an element of skill, just swung them around their head and body in various patterns.

That was probably the precursor to the modern Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics discipline, i.e. running around with hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs. It also is not a sport.

But the problem is bigger than the Olympics, or getting the flags of North and South Korea mixed up (can you believe it!). It is a symptom of a much bigger malaise in our society, because we let the very same type of morons make other much more important decisions.

When morons are elevated to positions of power and influence they don’t get brains handed to them as part of their appointment, they are still morons. And morons make moronic decisions.

And when they do we suffer, not them. 


Flags of North and South Korea, so similar, er...NOT!
Flags of North and South Korea, so similar, er…NOT!

13 thoughts on “Synchronized Grinning Is NOT A Sport, Olympic Or Otherwise

  1. Very good … and to think that I’m associated with this post is such a thrill. Although I understand that synchronized swimming involves athleticism, the name “solo synchronized swimming” is just wrong. Meanwhile, here’s one for you.

    • LOLOLOL Glad you are thrilled and thanks for the video link. I think you have proved my point with that.
      I can’t help but imagine that I could achieve much the same result of I threw someone who couldn’t swim into the pool??

    • You can’t say that the people that included synchronized swimming in the Olympics are morons if you don’t even understand the sport. Complete a practice for the sport and then say whatever you want about it, but be honest. Yes, I agree, solos are stupid, but that is because I hate swimming them! You aren’t synchronizing to another person, you are to the music. You raise your level of difficulty so after you are done swimming your agonizingly long solo, you need a rescue inhaler, even when you don’t have asthma. Synchronized swimming is a sport. If football is, then synchro is. If speed swimming is, then synchro is. We do just as hard, if not more difficult things, without oxygen!

      • I totally agree. Synchronized swimming is the hardest sport. What about you come and practice with us and then go and practice with football players, or any other sport for that matter. You will see that Synchronized Swimming is SOO SOO SOO HARD! I do synchronized swimming at a very high level!

        • Hello and thanks for stopping by at my blog. I welcome any comments, you don’t have to agree with me. I don’t doubt for one minute either the difficulty or dedication required. You need to have that to do anything well. What I am saying is just that, for me, it’s more of a discipline than a ‘sport’. You obviously think otherwise and I am okay with that.

  2. “Synchronized” in this context means that the performance is synchronized with the music. Hence “Solo synchronized” is not an oxymoron.

    • Hi Z, and thanks for your comment. Yes, believe it or not I know the idea behind this colossally stupid activity. I was just trying to bring a little humor to the whole idea. But, oxymoron or not, no matter what excuses are made to justify it, it still is not a sport which was the thrust of my post. 😉

    • Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Synchronized swimming is actually a water ballet. Some people like to call it a sport nowadays. I choose not to. Thank goodness we are all still entitled to our own opinions.

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