Yet Another Quiz – But This Time A Quiz OTHER People Did, And Failed!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Yes everyone, it’s Monday again and what better way than to start off the week by laughing at other people.

It’s another selection from the televison Quiz Show archive. Some are from American TV, others from Britain, but all equally funny (I hope). They’ll set you up for the rest of the week!




What are people banned from wearing on passport photographs in the UK – hats or gloves?




Do the rivers Styx and Lethe run through hell or Halifax?




What is the name for a group of motorcyclists whose name means the opposite to ‘Heaven’s Devils’?

“The Devil’s Gang”



The Italian city of Torino is known in English by what name?




What was the principal language used by the ancient Romans?




What is the total when a score is added to a baker’s dozen?

“A hundred and thirteen”



In a family what ‘O’ describes a child with no brothers or sisters?




In the Bible who was the father of Cain and Abel?




What ‘U’ is a South American country whose capital is Montevideo?




In mathematics what is thirty-two divided by eight?




What is the fifth vowel letter of the alphabet?




The Duchess of Windsor’s famous words were ‘ You can never be too thin or too..’ what?




In the film ‘Deliverance’ a scene involves a duo between stringed instruments; a guitar and what?




Sudan is the largest country in which continent?




What is the only language used for official purposes in Denmark?




Wholegrain, Dijon and English are varieties of which condiment?




In Roman numerals what number is represented by the letters IX?

“One hundred”



In law the principle that a person cannot be tried twice for the same offence is called ‘Double…’ what?




In proverbs, which big cat is said to be unable to change its spots?




What is three hundred and thirty-three divided by three?




When a man is not wearing a jacket he is said to be in ‘Shirt..’ what?




The Earth is divided by the Equator into how many hemispheres?





6 thoughts on “Yet Another Quiz – But This Time A Quiz OTHER People Did, And Failed!

    • Hi, thanks for the mention, much appreciated.
      What an interesting post too.
      Re the hole, it annoys, irritates and dumbfounds me that governments can waste $2 billion on a project and abandon it half finished. It isn’t the first time it has happened. I’m sure some use could be found for things like this if the politicians and bureaucrats had brains, but alas they haven’t.

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