If You Believe Government Statistics About Improving Exam Pass Rates Just Watch A Few Quiz Shows On TV

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Saying that another Monday has rolled around again, let’s ease into the new week with a few funnies from the quiz show answers file. As the title suggests it lays to rest any doubt that anyone may have that the education system is working.

When will governments learn that the key to improving education is to teach people more, not to lower the examination pass rate so that the statistics look like things are improving.

You want proof?

Read on…..



Cognac is a fine brandy made from the juice of which fruit?




What ‘P’ is the Spanish word for quick and is used in English to mean ‘at once’?




Who became US president when Nixon resigned?




Cantaloupe, Galia and Honeydew are types of which fruit?




In athletics in which discipline does the competitor hold a metal ball under their chin before throwing it?




What word can mean touch-down of an aeroplane or the level floor between two staircases?




In America the Golden Gate Bridge is a feature of which city?

New York.



What surname do actors Beau and Jeff share with their father Lloyd




The bushwhacker and outlaw Ned Kelly was born in which country?




What ‘T’ is the answer to any addition sum?




Cantonese and Mandarin are languages which originated in which country?




Elderly people are described as being what ‘..in the tooth’?




The longest day of the year occurs in which month?




What is thirty-nine times two ?




What is three hundred and sixty divided by three?

One hundred and sixty.



An annual event takes place how many times a year?




A usual sign for a pawnbrokers shop is how many brass balls?




What is the capital city of Chile?




Juan Peron was the president of which South American country?




What is thirty-four minus fourteen?




What is twelve plus thirteen?




The Johnny Cash song was called ‘A Boy Named..’ what?




Following the death of Roosevelt in 1945 who became US president?

Abraham Lincoln.



What is 358 minus 357?




The word ‘ape’ is an anagram of which small vegetable?




Which three-letter word means to cut grass?




What is a quarter plus a quarter?

An eighth.



What country has the highest number of Portuguese speakers?




Vietnam has land borders with Laos and Cambodia and which other country?




Which Indian leader, whose last name began with ‘G’, took the name Mahatma?




Which organ of the human body is used for smelling and breathing?

The lungs.



Which Cluedo character has a military rank?

Colonel Sanders





4 thoughts on “If You Believe Government Statistics About Improving Exam Pass Rates Just Watch A Few Quiz Shows On TV

  1. OMG – scary! That is too crazy. “sigh” Thanks for the tip on the site, BTW. I’m a little more scared now to fly until 2012. Kidding, but good info, thanks. I’ll use it as a post and mention your site (if you want). 🙂

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