When One Door Shuts, Another One Closes!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”



It never ceases to amaze me how really dumb some people are. We seem to have bred an incredibly stupid generation of people, and unfortunately the next generation is showing further signs of further intellectual deterioration too. It’s a good argument for a theory of deterioration rather than evolution!

I’m not just talking about some people not being able to grasp quantum physics theory. I’m talking about morons who cannot grasp the fundamentals of life.

For example, my blog friend AirportsMadeSimple.com recently posted an article about a new app for phones giving people information about how to eat correctly. I know this app was probably more than that, but it made me comment that soon people will need an app to know how to chew and then swallow. It really does seem to be getting that bad.

One of the first things we learn as children, after first words, first steps and all that good stuff, is how to navigate the great barrier that we call a door. Most children master this without too much difficulty  –  the opening bit at least, kids are not so hot on closing doors which does provide more than a little irritation at times. For many years we have had ordinary doors and still do in most places.

I’m sure this is not the reason at all, but I like to imagine that the people who invested the automatic door did so because they recognized that idiots couldn’t handle ordinary doors.

We all know how they work, you walk up to them, a sensor recognizes you are there, the door opens automatically, and you walk through.


For normal people, yes. For the stupid beyond belief, no!

Have a look at the videos. By the way, there’s one showing a woman and one showing a man. There is absolute sexual equality when it comes to morons.

Enjoy or cringe or hide behind the sofa.


 .(Acknowledgements to FunnyEmails for bringing this firs one to my attention) 



17 thoughts on “When One Door Shuts, Another One Closes!

  1. I just came from your interview on searchingforthehappiness.com.

    That is too funny and utterly absurd at the same time. I couldn’t agree with you more. Somehow there needs to be a way to reverse the intellectual deterioration you mentioned. 🙂

  2. Ok I came here because I read your interview on wendymc12 blog and you sound like someone I would like so here I am and read this post loved it but what the hell the videos wouldn’t play for me all I got was a black screen so bloody annoying and yeah may not be your fault but still I am not going to blame me as that would be just silly so I am blaming who you, the internet or maybe my computer……………anyway it is someones fault just not mine………………oh because you seem to rock I am now going to follow you just don’t lead me down a dark alley, turn me around three times and run away and leave me there………….because after I find my way out of the alley I will hunt you down and do something I don’t know what since I am a chicken…………………not a real chicken because chickens can’t type but you know what I mean I could say a 2 legged chicken but hell chicken only have two legs………….so that doesn’t help…………..I am going to leave now because this is getting something or rather…………I don’t know stop typing now Jo-Anne and say bye……..Bye

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.
      LOL It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. That’s a rule to live by.
      Glad you liked the post though, even there was a problem with the videos.
      Try these direct links for your web browser.

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. I found both of them rather incredible in this day and age, but stupidity will always find a way. He does stand on one leg rather well though, you have to give him that!

  3. OMG! I laughed out loud at the guy. But the girl was just as dumb. It IS INCREDIBLE how stupid people can be! Seriously!

    BTW, I’m leaving your post about the Chicago toilets under the Chicago button, so people can “understand” how to work the O’Hare toilets. I once heard these things aren’t actually new – meaning – they just recycle them around and around. Thereore, I have a (probably unfounded) fear they are recycled. I’m Not That Green. Lord. So, I STILL put down toilet paper on the seats at O’Hare. Hmmmm….now, I’m wondering…if I qualify as an example for your site?! Eek.

    Also, I will check out your link and see what that’s about. Your site is so funny. If I wasn’t flying so much, I could read more! 🙂

    • Thanks for you kind comments. You know I often wondered myself if those toilet seat covers ever ran out or just went on and on forever. They’re fun, but I’ve never seen them anywhere else – maybe sales bottomed out!

      • OMG. I’m laughing out loud. That’s really funny.

        Please know if you don’t hear from me, I’m galavanting around somewhere. 🙂

  4. Oh- a couple more things: “It’s always darkest before it goes pitch black.”

    And, an example of ME running into a glass door (I knew how to operate it, but it was so damn clean I didn’t realize it was there) at a cocktail party no less, I was like a poor bird with a plate of food and glass of red wine that went “smack” into the door. Nice. Right in front of everyone and RIGHT on the white shaggy carpet (are you kidding me? Really? people live this way?). In L.A. 🙂

    The only other stupider thing I’ve done (ok, maybe not the only thing, and WHY am I telling you?), is when, in the 90’s I wore fake glue-on nails. One morning (after a long night), I stumbled into my bathroom for eye drops before work, and USED THE NAIL GLUE BOTTLE INSTEAD.

    Crap. I blinked just in time. So, my eye was now sealed completely shut, but I wasn’t blinded. After the cursing ended, I had to pluck each and every eyelash out of my eye to open it. So, one eye had normal eyelashes, one eye had zero eyelashes.

    The funniest thing? When I got to work, people asked me: “You look different. Did you get a new haircut or something?”


      • 🙂 Unfortunately, there’s much more to tell.

        In fact, it happened again last Sunday. I twisted my ankle very seriously. Man, it hurt. Just went plundering down across the yard after my last trip, baggage and all.

        You know why? Wait…are you ready for it…

        I fell off one of my high heels!!! Good Lord.

        Why, you ask, does someone wear her high heel like an idiot in the airport? (Men think this to themselves) Because…they take up too much (empty) room in a suitcase. 🙂

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