Should We Waste Time Trying To Make Things Foolproof?

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”

.  made a comment on one of my posts, “Confirmed Stupidity” that “The creativity of stupidity is also endless”. And so it seems to be.

Stupid people are always finding new ways to do stupid things. I don’t think I would go so far as to call it creative, though. Most of it happens by pure accident rather than design.

Now I have to point out at the start, that this blog post is not about things that are done to assist those in society who have some kind of disability. Everything that is done in that regard to make life a bit easier and things more accessible is to be encouraged and applauded. This blog applies specifically to those who could get out of their own way but because they are too lazy and/or obtuse, won’t!

So the question today is, and it’s a good question that hardly anyone bothers to ask or tries to answer, “Should we have to waste time, energy and resources pandering to the idiots in society?”

In other words should EVERYTHING have to sink down to their level? Should the rest of us normal-ish people be deprived of a better and simpler existence just because some people seem to be incapable of living their lives without doing themselves harm?

I vote NO, we shouldn’t pander to them. Not in the slightest.

In the dumbed down society that we are increasingly being forced to live in, and that the even dumber politicians encourage (probably so that the majority of people don’t develop the skills to see the hash they are making of everything), far from questioning the consequent waste of time, energy, and resources, they continue to make more and more rules to cater for the intellectually challenged.

Think about the consequences for a moment.

How many labels do we have on jars and cans and elsewhere that really don’t need to be there? Do we really need a label on a packet of nuts telling us that the packet contains nuts? Do we really need a label telling us that hot coffee is ‘hot’ or that iced mocha is ‘cold’?

How many otherwise productive man-hours are wasted each and every year trying to figure out what dumb thing some moron will do with a particular product?


Example of a sign for morons
Example of a sign for morons

I know the whole waste of time phenomenon has been spurred on in many cases because of spurious and unnecessary law suits by lawyers who aren’t smart enough to set up a proper law practice and by judges who are so out of touch with reality that they should be thrown out of court for not doing the same with these foolish lawsuits.

Example of a sign for morons
Example of a sign for morons


Then we have the bureaucrats weighing in. With nothing productive to do themselves, except to make our lives more and more intolerable, they dream up new rules and regulations to make business more uncompetitive and ordinary peoples’ lives more complicated.


Example of a sign for people stupider then morons
Example of a sign for people stupider then morons

And it’s all a waste of time. No matter what rules are invented and what precautions are taken it is a law of the universe that morons will find a way round them and hurt themselves anyway. Some of them have even walked into the signs put up to warn them about walking into signs.

So we should NOT waste time trying to make things foolproof because the fools have proved time and again that it’s a waste of time!

Let’s aspire to learn more and be smarter, instead of dumbing down to the level of those who don’t give a damn anyhow!

End rant. Have a cup of coffee – mind, though, it’s hot!


Here are a few more examples:


Suitable for outdoor use.  Found on a rain gauge.


Warning: High in sodium.  On a salt cellar.


Remove wrapper, open mouth, insert muffin, eat.


Use like regular soap.  On a bar of soap.


Simply pour the biscuits into a bowl and allow the cat to eat when it wants.  On a bag of cat biscuits.


Instructions: open packet, eat nuts  on a packet of nuts


Do not use as an ice cream topping  on Hair colouring


Warning: do not attempt to swallow  on a Mattress


Caution: contents may catch fire  on Matches


Some assembly required  on a 500-piece puzzle


The appliance is switched on by setting the on/off switch to the ‘on’ position  on a Kettle


Product will be hot after heating  on Bread Pudding


Warning: May cause drowsiness  on Sleep Aid


This ice may be cold  on an Ice drink


Instructions: Put on food  on Ketchup


Do not open here  on the Bottom of a Cola bottle



6 thoughts on “Should We Waste Time Trying To Make Things Foolproof?

    • LOL I’m sure there are hundreds of examples of signs made FOR stupid people, not to mention signs made BY stupid people.
      Thanks for the comment.

  1. So great – and the one on blinds: it saws: “warning, choking hazard” – and has a picture of a person being strangled by the blinds. I guess the rationale is the person stupid enough to get caught up and kill themselves in a blind string couldn’t read (hence their assumption and related picture). Egads.

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