Let’s All Raise A Glass Of Milk To The Late Mr Sam J Porcello

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Taking a little break from the normal blog post.

I guess that a lot of you are asking who the heck is Sam J Porcello and why should we be raising a glass of milk in his honor?

Well Sam is perhaps a lot better known as ‘Mr.Oreo’ the scientist who in a career at Nabisco that spanned 34 years, invented that creamy sticky stuff in the middle of Oreos.  He died recently at the age of 76.

You can't just take one
You can’t just take one

Sam J Porcello was one of the world’s foremost experts on cocoa, the raw material of chocolate, and the go-to guy for all Oreo related matters at Nabisco. He also created the chocolate-covered and the white chocolate-covered Oreo, and held five patents relating to Oreos.

Almost half a trillion Oreos have been sold worldwide since they hit the market in 1912, one hundred years ago this year, so I think you could say that they have been pretty successful.

oreo cartoon
oreo cartoon

And that just leaves the big question.

So how do you eat yours?

Are you a dry biter and cruncher?

Or a dunker?

Or a twist and licker?

However you do it, the next time you do it, save a thought for people like Sam J Porcello.

Oreos classic
Oreos classic




Oreos are sold in Argentina (with banana filling and with caramel filling in the same package; in Canada (where they are manufactured and sold under the Christie brand); in China (where they were introduced only in 1996 but have now become the best-selling cookie in the People’s Republic of China, after altering its recipe to have a lower sugar content to suit local tastes); in Croatia (since February 2011); in India (introduced in March 2011 under Cadbury brand); in Norway (since 2004); in Poland (from February 2011); and in the United Kingdom from May 2008). They are also to be found in shops and supermarkets in many other countries.

If your interested Nabisco has an Oreo web site



Speaking personally I’m a Wagon Wheels man. Good luck finding those but they’re truly scrumptious!

Scrumptious Wagon Wheels!
Scrumptious Wagon Wheels!


9 thoughts on “Let’s All Raise A Glass Of Milk To The Late Mr Sam J Porcello

    • Thanks for the comment. Who’d have thought that a little cookie biscuit thingy like that would be so popular. But where are all the Wagon Wheel lovers??? Come on guys 😦

        • Yes it does. Thank you very much. You won’t regret it.
          Now if we could just progress this (geometrically speaking) soon everyone will be Wagon Wheelers….
          er but then there would be a catastrophic Wagon Wheel shortage and none for us.
          On second thoughts lets just stay as we are.

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