Like I said before, sometimes the idiot’s in the front seat!!!


We’d never expect a pilot to be a professional astronomer, but it’s not outlandish to hope that he could tell the difference between a planet and another plane.

But a fatigued and groggy Air Canada co-pilot mistook Venus for an oncoming aircraft and slammed the control stick forward, sending the plane into a momentary dive that injured 16 passengers. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released a report Monday about the January 2011 incident that found “sleep inertia” to blame for the co-pilot’s misjudgment.

The flight’s first officer caused the incident after waking up from a nap on the long-haul flight from Toronto to Zurich, Switzerland. His snooze was permitted under a sanctioned procedure known as “controlled rest,” which is said to improve a pilot’s alertness and performance during overnight flights. But while only supposed to sleep for 40 minutes, the first officer dozed off for 75 minutes, sending him…

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